Lessons I learned from the loss of a dear one

For those who have felt the loss of a dear one, especially if it is untimely, I can empathize with you. The loss is so painful that you will question the presence of goodness in life. These people would have been your well-wisher and would have played a major role in your liofe. In my life too, I have experienced the death of my father, who was very special to me. After all, who will not understand the depth of love between a father and daughter? My father won’t give up on me at any cost and had great hopes on me. But when God called him to His abode,  I was shattered. And with this loss, I learnt quite a few things:

Life should still move on

We enjoy with our near and ones, but when they pass away we are not able to cope with it. But what to do! We should proceed with life and follow our unique purpose. Sometimes, we may even think, “Why me!” A person who was facing depression earlier, it took time for me to come out of the loss of my father. But for the betterment of me, my depression didn’t return and I easily flowed with life, though there was pain.

Accomplish your dreams

When a dear one passes away, there can be two results. We would be pushed to depression or we would rise as phoenix from the ashes to achieve our dreams. My case is the second one. I decided to follow my dreams with dedication. Content writing being my forte, I am following it will passion.

Too much attachment can cause pain; but still don’t hate attachment

After the death of my father, I realized that being too much attached to a dear one can lead to mental stress when they are not with you. However, I still didn’t stop showering love on my other family members and my friends. And this is a world with stressed people who are suffering from mental stress.

Be compassionate

I was close to my father in his last days and realized how being compassionate can mean a lot to a dying person. Being kind is my innate nature, and after my father’s death, I am more compassionate. Nowadays, I help others whole-heartedly and gain happiness when they succeed in life.

The loss is felt only as years pass by

Generally, when a dear one passes away, people surround you to comfort you. You won’t feel the loss at that time. But as time passes by, we will feel their loss. This happened to me also, and I still gently look back at the great memories of being with my father.

Love is eternal

Love is a beautiful feeling. People may pass away or they may not be near you but as long as the roots of the relations are strong, death or distance doesn’t matter. Yes, the pain may be severe when they pass away, but still love makes you feel strong.

Realising how strong we are

Though the grief of the death of my father is still there, I realize that now I am a stronger person. The on and off pain has given me only a strong reason o fulfill my purpose in life.

Care more about the people who are still there with us

Past is past. Though we cannot console ourselves thoroughly through this saying, it can be extended as past is past when you trust the twists in your journey. Now, after the death of my father, I care more about the people who are still there with me. I realize that life is too precious and worth living.

Thus, from pain to enlightenment, here I am, following my dreams as they should be done.

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