These steps will assist you in not checking your phone a lot!

If I say you are letting technology master you, would you agree? For those who manage their usage of technology, especially mobile phones, in a wise manner, you can pride yourself after reading this blog. And for those who are yet on the path of trying not to check their phones frequently, this blog would be the perfect motivation. After all, habits take time to break, and you have to consciously come out of your addiction.

Can you relate with me when I say that we are addicted to our mobile phones to a great extent? In fact, we take the phone and see whether any notification is there by sheer impulse for every half an hour. Apart from the routine tasks of making calls and also responding to calls, we also use our mobile phones for listening to music and answering important emails. And not to miss ordering food and household items through our mobile phones. Those who are on the lookout for jobs also use it for job portals. Yes, the list is really a big one.

I don’t deny that mobile phones are important for our day-to-day lives, but using it in a balanced way is the key. Here are some tips to break your phone addiction:

While charging your phone, don’t use it

First things first. Initially, start by not using your mobile phone while charging it. One, it is not safe to use your phone while it is charging. Even if you wish to unplug it and use it, refrain from doing it.

Don’t check your emails before work hours

This tip is also very useful for you in helping you break your cell phone addiction. Just because you have the facility to check emails in your phone, it doesn’t mean that you have to check it even before work hours. The pandemic has made us work from home and even initiated us to check our phone every now and then for office-related work. For this, there should be conscious phone management from our side.

Eliminate unnecessary apps

This tip really worked for me; I simply removed those unwanted apps from my mobile phone. Why do I need them when I don’t use them?

Create a “strict” to-do list so that your mind is diverted from using mobile phone frequently

When you do this, you will eventually realize that you are using the mobile phone only when it is needed. You will use your mobile phone for checking emails, Facebook, WhatsApp etc., only after you have completed the task.

Sleep with your phone not in your bedroom

This is also an effective tip. While you go to sleep, keep the phone away from your bed so that you have a sound sleep. Besides, don’t be tempted to take the phone first thing in the morning. Even if you want to charge it, do it after some time.

Work on your phone settings

Yes, I don’t deny that we need to be updated with information. But when the phone makes sound when we are performing important tasks, it will be a distraction. Hence ensure to turn off push notifications with a conscious effort. Besides, you can eliminate apps that distract from your home screen.

And now the ultimate thing..just keep your  phone at home sometimes

I know you are giving me a shocked look now. But it actually works. For example, if you are going for walking or to a nearby shop, keep your phone at home for some time. But do it after considering your priorities.

Take-home message

I know the smart phone is a great invention. It has lot of ways to make our lives easy and stress-free. But let that be balanced!


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  1. Hema Venkatesh

    Almost all , young & old are addicted to phone. Very practical suggestions, easy to practice. Useful too.

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