Having problems falling asleep? This can help!

We are living in a busy world, and the thought of a good night sleep after a long day work is really comforting. Having a sound night sleep is an element sought by many and found only in a select few. How this particular set of people fall asleep in the night without any disturbances? You may have seen some of your near and dear ones getting sleep quickly while you are struggling to get sleep (they too might have had problems, but they would have overcome it). Here I am to crack the secret. Now I will give you certain tips to get that much-needed sleep!

Keep your mobile phones away from your bedroom one hour before sleep

Well, I have tried this hack and it really works for me. We are so glued to our cellphones that even before sleeping we keep using them. I kindly suggest you keep it in a place that is distant from your bedroom and relax your mind. For a good night sleep, it is always better for the mind to be relaxed without any preoccupations. When we keep looking at our cellphones, this doesn’t happen.

Count from 100 t0 1

Well, this is an age-old practice of parents telling their children for falling asleep soon. This can work for you because you will eventually be controlled by the backward game. Most of the times, the sleep would be prepared to show itself; just that you are too tired it doesn’t come. In such cases, counting numbers, that too backwards, would exhaust you.

Do some introspection

Sometimes, you don’t get good sleep because your mind would be filled with the anxieties of the long day. Here it would be helpful if you did some good introspection which doesn’t lead you to regret. Be thankful for the day, and sleep with the thought that the next day will also be good day. If you are worried over something, just try to stay awake without fighting with your sleep. You will eventually fall asleep.

Ensure that your bed is comfortable

We might be thinking of hundreds of reasons for not getting sleep only to realize at later stages that our beds are not comfortable. Sometimes, the mattress would be too short such that you would have to adjust a lot while sleeping.

Engage in a book

While I told that keeping your mobile phone away from you before sleeping can help you in getting a good sleep, there is a different response while reading a book. For those avid book-lovers, reading  the book will help you in diverting your mind from the present situation that may be stressful. But don’t read lying down; your bed should be linked only with sleeping.

Imagine a picture-perfect scene

Well, this tip can work if you have the childlike quotient in you wherein a happy scene can give you the much-needed enthusiasm to fall asleep. You can visualize any good scene including your favorite childhood memory or a good walk in your favorite walk. I would suggest you not to picture conversations because that may make you stressed.

Don’t watch the clock

Yes, this is the mistake we do when we want to get sleep. We just keep watching the clock and see whether time ticks. But to our distress, we would have had a short nap and the clock shows 1 a.m. So, it’s always best to try the other methods.

Ensure that there is no light in your bedroom

Light is one thing that causes distraction to people while asleep. Make sure that you switch off all the lights. However, if you really want some light for sleep, dim the light sufficiently.

Sleep well, and you will get the best mental satisfaction. I wish you all have a good night sleep by following the above-mentioned points.

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