4 golden rules to set aside time for your passion even when you work full-time/are busy

For a person who always looks deeply at the purpose of life. I have always been captivated by the word “creativity”. When someone says few good words about my creative skills, I am overjoyed. Can you relate with me?

You will definitely appreciate me when I say that you have to find time for your creativity in spite of your busy schedule. Finding beauty in creativity will definitely keep your spirits high. But the question is how well you balance your creativity and full-time job. This blog is an attempt to help you find joy in your creativity even when you have a long day at office.

Make a To-do list

For those of you who have still that childlike and organized approach towards prioritizing things, I would suggest creating a to-do list. Just let your thoughts flow when you develop that list. Observe which one comes first in the list. If it is your passion, then your priorities need to be delved into more. Set aside a strict schedule for your passion amidst your hectic schedule. It will be difficult in the beginning because your full-time job itself will drain most of your energy. But once you start planning, you will find after some time that you have made the right decision.

Be true to yourself

When you are true to yourself, the world will adjust for you! Just understand the profoundness of my saying. Besides, time will not be a barrier for you in pursuing your passion. Yes, you will gradually start working on your creativity and will slowly become so accustomed with the daily routine that you will thank me for this statement.

Don’t make any strict rules regarding creativity

Yes, this is the underestimated yet most profound tip I can give to my readers. Creativity cannot be imposed. It has to come from within and has to be spontaneous. Sometimes, I even made the mistake of thinking of writing even when I didn’t feel like, just to be prolific. Later I realized that I  cannot simply force myself to writing. That’s the beauty of writing. Yes, the finest things in life are often spontaneous.

Use your weekends earnestly

We all have a preconceived notion that weekends are only meant only for relaxation and taking rest. I was having this thought until recently. But it need not be the case. Rest is just diversion from work , and you can use your weekend time to work on your creative projects. For example, if you are planning to write a short story, why don’t you create the outline in the weekend and then go on with the flow during the week days? Do that, and thank me later.

Take-home message

Listen to your creative calling, and witness fulfillment in life!  Your full-time job is important, but understanding what your creativity has in store for you also needs recognition. Finally, this is what counts at the end of the day right? All the best!



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  1. Priya

    Nice one Lalitha 👌 We are so engrossed in our daily routine that we hardly take time to follow our passion. It doesn’t matter if our passion is appreciated or if it is of any value to others. What is important is doing something we truly enjoy.

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