How to overcome the morning blues and have a happy and productive day

Each one of us would have experienced that tiredness, laziness, or stress in the morning when we try to wake up. We want to wake up badly, but we fall back to sleep, sometimes not sleeping also. We all would have had a long day wherein e worked hard, and the above feelings are but understandable. Anything in the initial state seems difficult, but once we get over it, rest assured that you gain the much-needed positive results. Now let’s see some ways to overcome the tiredness in the morning and march towards a productive,  joyful day.

Begin the day with positive energy

The negative vibe of yielding to sleep even after your attempt to wake up can be overcome by slowly feeding positive thoughts into your mind. Don’t try to impose positivity because that can have an adverse effect. If you are really tired and want few more minutes of sleep, then give that rest to yourself. But make sure that you don’t extend the minutes to hours.

Place some inspiring quotes in your bedroom

This is for those type of people who are easily self-motivated. Hang some inspiring quotes on the wall before you so that you can see them first in the morning. This will inspire you, and you can take forward that feeling to the entire day.

Mindful observation

I can understand that you will be in a state of confusion at the time of waking up. But realize that once you divert your mind to observing things around you and plan for a fruitful day, things will automatically take a good shape. Enjoy that childlike energy you get while planning!


Don’t underestimate the power of exercises in starting a new day. It can be yoga, breathing exercises or your regular exercises. These will help you maintain the energy for the whole day.

 Reminisce on your journey and be proud of your achievements

Generally people say that you have to contemplate on the day’s happening and look back at your accomplishments before going to sleep. But what about starting the day by thinking about your achievements and being proud of yourself? This will certainly have a positive impact on you.

Just flow with life, don’t overthink

I can relate with you when you say that mornings are the time when you seriously contemplate on your future. The concern about your future while you lie in the bed trying to wake up is only natural. Remember that you needn’t be too serious on yourself and don’t be  a hard taskmaster. Your past also is one thing that makes you get stuck. It is always better to tame your fears and walk in the path of betterment.

Have a good night sleep for a productive and happy morning

This sums it all. Once you have a sound sleep without any disturbances, you will have a great day ahead. For that, you have to decide to sleep better i.e 7 hours. The whole day’s happiness and productivity is a result of the quality of sleep you have the previous day.

The mornings are filled with glory for those who welcome it whole-heartedly and not indulge in complaining. Am I right?

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