Tips to make kids love more vegetables and fruits

Is your child obsessed with snacks and do you have a tough time in making them eat vegetables? You are not alone. This is the major issue faced by several households. In whatever good way you ask your child to eat vegetables, they will dodge you and eat only little vegetables or no vegetables at all. Hence, I thought why I don’t give you some earnest tips to make your kids eat more vegetables and fruits and avoid these junk foods.

Get the kid involved in the preparation

Responsibility is the first step for understanding. Several kids are showing interest in cooking, thanks to the lockdown. During such times, you can emphasize on the importance of vegetables and why they should have them. The truth is that when they are given responsibility they will happily carry out their role. For example, while you are shopping, you can take your kid along with you and make him/her choose the vegetables. There will definitely be some vegetables that they like. When you are confident that your kid can handle sharper kitchen equipments, you can assign them the cutting and grating of vegetables part.

Blend vegetables into favorite food

Nowadays kids are so smart that they quickly understand the methods you use to make them eat. But for sure they know that you are doing only for their good. Just mix the veggies into their loved food, and watch them eat.

Appreciate them when they eat vegetables

As per the child, it is really a great accomplishment to get liking towards vegetables once they are used to junk food. Hence ensure that you appreciate them often so that they become motivated and understand the significance of eating healthy.

Demonstrate yourself as a good role model

You should definitely follow by example if you want your kid to take a leaf out of your book. After all, it’s you whom they are seeing daily and hence try to practice what you teach them. This will go a long way in making them add more vegetables in their diet.

Be innovative

Innovation is always well-received, and making your child like vegetables is no exception. Instead of just giving them the dull curd rice, you can add fruits like pomegranate, apples, grapes, etc. on them. You can include fruits including grapes, mangoes etc. to salads and also make soup (especially tomato).

Another thing is children may not like vegetables when they are sliced or chopped. You can be innovative by cutting them into stars. Don’t have the preconceived notion that vegetables should be only in the traditional shape.

Be relentless in your effort

It’s up to you to keep trying to make your kid eat more of vegetables and fruits. In order for them not to dismiss the food, you can prepare small portions of it initially. For example, for those kids who don’t like carrot you can make carrot payasam, carrot soup etc.

Take care of the appearance and boiling point of the vegetable

The look of the vegetable does matter. For example, while some children enjoy ivy gourd to be cut into long vertical pieces, others may like it in circles. And some prefer mild heated vegetables to cold ones, depending on the vegetable.

Yes, getting your kids to eat vegetables and fruits can be a daunting task but it can definitely be done. All the best!

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