To say in one sentence whereas I used to deliver in a whole blog!

While I always like writing long paragraphs and delving into the details of every aspect, I also prefer brevity for its eloquence element. Here is my list of 10 words captured with brevity.

1. Predicament

When the mind is stuck between two goals

  1. Inspiration

Gets delayed when you want perfection but worth the wait.

  1. Attitude

Something to cheer up when everything seems a mirage

  1. Difference between patience and perseverance

She patiently persevered.

  1. Flexibility

The most needed yet underrated virtue

  1. Rebuke

Becomes less severe when we know ourselves better

  1. Redundant words

Can be a pardonable grammar mistake due to stress on highlighting

  1. Argument

The litmus test of finding whether care exists even when one wins the argument

  1. Laugh out loud

If you think too much about it, you will lose its delight!

  1. Bridge

The tech jargon that makes the concept easily understandable

List will continue…..You can also share your thoughts!

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