How to bring positive energy into the home?

Home is where the heart lies. Wherever we go, what great adventures we make, finally we think only about our homes. That said, have you ever thought that the atmosphere at home should be serene enough to give the needed positive energy to you? And now with the work-from-home trend, we all want to have this atmosphere immensely. Now lets see some points regarding how to bring the needed positive energy into your home so that your day goes smoothly:

Keep your windows open in the day

Tell me this. Will you feel energetic or dull when all the windows are closed? Even while doing office work from home, it is always best to keep the windows open to let fresh air inside.

Bring as much as natural light into your home

This is indeed a good practice because a link with the outdoors will always boost your energy. Even when the room is small, natural lighting will give an enriched feeling, And with regard to the large spaces, it will make it even more appealing. You can do this by adding skylight and reflective room components like mirrors etc.

Give an organized look to your home

We may be very much preoccupied with our office work that we tend to forget the importance of organizing the home. The home should give a welcome sign to both you and the visitors. Declutter as much as possible in the free time. And if you cannot do it, courtesy your tight schedule, try to get the help of professional helpers who can do this for you. After decluttering your space, you can feel the difference because you wont be preoccupied with it always. Besides, you can avoid broken things in your home. For example, your pen may have been broken but still you keep it before you while doing your work. This will only spread negative energy.

Maintain positive pictures in different places at home

It is always good to have pictures of nature at your favorite places because nature gives a neutral feeling. You may be of a head-strong temperament, but don’t let that be reflected in the pictures that you keep in your home.

Empathize with each family member

Lets suppose one of the family members has taken the resolution to lose weight. In this regard, besides that person’s will power, the other family members should also co-operate. For example, they needn’t involve in cooking too much oily items. After all, too much oily items are not good for anyone.

Whether hot or cold weather, accept it

Once you start understanding the beauty of nature, you wont blame the weather. Instead you will learn to accept both the weathers, and whether it is hot or cold, your mind won’t be disturbed. You might have heard about stories of great people who are not affected by the variations in the weather. They maintain equanimity irrespective of the nature of the weather.

Lit lamp and burn incense sticks

Generally, positive energy will also be infused in the home through good smell. For this, you may use room fresheners. But what about the economic, divinely, and good-smelling agarbathis? This will spread a feeling of peacefulness in home. And according to the Hindu tradition, people lit lamp for the Divine in the evening. Apart from the religious belief, this can also spread  positive energy into the home.

Be selective in watching news channels

There are different types of people at home. For example, the daughter may not like listening to news that is dominated by deaths and injustices often. But the traditional father of the home will prefer it. In such cases, instead of watching the news in television in loud sound, the father can use his mobile to listen to the news. And it is always good to just read the news in the Internet rather than reading it elaborately. This is mainly for the present generation.

Listen to good music

Music is a great relaxation for the soul. Let relaxing music play at the background while you are working from home or doing household work. Even in certain organizations, the management don’t stop people from listening to music sometimes because  it will have a great effect on the mind.

Appreciate the earnestness of your family members

Dale Carnegie , the popular public speaker, said “be lavish in your praise”. He told that with a reason only. When people are struggling with lives and fighting a brave battle that we may not know nothing about, all it takes to boost their spirits is appreciating them for their earnest efforts.

Remember that positive energy at home can be attained through both the things around you and the peace inside you.

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