When was the last time you took selfie?

Well, when was the last time you took a selfie? If it is just within one week , you would still have indelible memories of it appearing now and then. In fact, taking selfies has been quite a trend for pretty good time, and the sheer joy of demonstrating our confidence is something remarkable. That said, it is sometimes a challenging task to take an appealing photo of yourself while holding the camera. But we all love challenges right? In fact, we all do it; the only difference is that some do it more than others.

Why do people take selfies?

Though I am not a selfie expert, I try to pose for the photo with as much confidence as I can. And from my experience, the reasons I take a selfie is to show my confidence and happiness to my friends. When our selfie is posted as a DP or in a social media, it will go a long way in improving our self-esteem. Though there may be lot of reasons for people taking selfies,  I think boosting the self-image and happiness are the two major reasons. Getting appreciation is a part of it, and that goes without saying. After all, nobody takes photos to keep it hidden from others.

Photos connect us to the past and make us become nostalgic, and in this regard taking a selfie can be a pleasant experience. Now with the advancement of technology, selfies can be taken with so much precision and with the right lighting.

Delving more into selfies

There is also a possibility of taking selfies affecting your confidence and increasing your anxiety.       But that is only a minor part. The better part is that selfies capture the essence of the emotion at the moment. It also brings people together . When you have a get-together and you friends want to take a selife, just proceed with it. Ensure that everyone is happy with the process. And when you go on a trip with your family, make sure that you take selfies of the best moments but with a prominent background. After all, it serves the purpose only if you have a chance to remember the visit with some background.

 Tips for a good selfie

Just be natural with your selfie and don’t force your smile. Yes, smile is not the only thing that talks in the selfie. However, if you are a person who can confidently give a pretty smile, go ahead with it. The key lies in being yourself in the selfie. And yes, have an eye on your background.  And for everything else including over editing, using the right angles, etc, just follow your smartness. One word of caution here: don’t take selfies from risky places.

Take-home message

If you consider taking a selfie as silly, just relax. And don’t bring big terms like narcissism for taking a selfie. Selfies are simply a way to bring a smile on our face and reduce the stress in us. Just taking a good selfie and sharing it with friends spontaneously and not getting too much attached to it is the key to good selfie-taking…

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