Life lessons to learn from children

We see God in children. This statement would suffice to explain the beauty of this article. We have also been children at a stage and during adulthood crave to go back to innocence. Such is the magic of childhood and children. Let’s see the life lessons that we can learn children:

Don’t take things personally

Have you ever noticed children arguing or quarrelling with each other? What do they do next? They maintain a long face for a while but come back to their normal selves sooner. This directly relates to forgiving which becomes a deep concept at later stages in life. They show to us life is too wonderful to be wasted on grudges.

To cry out loud once and come back to normalcy later

Yes, when being affected, children cry out once but later they come back to normalcy. They don’t regret about what they did later and their approach will show that they have risen as phoenix from the ashes.

Take sufficient rest when needed

We all have a tight schedule and don’t want to waste a single moment. We also think that taking a power nap is wastage of time. Thoughts race in our mind like how many things I can do instead of taking a power nap. But children just take a nap when they feel like. They don’t force themselves to concentrate on something when they cannot do.

Express yourself genuinely

Children don’t hesitate to express their feelings with passion. If they love something, they will tell it straight away.

Be courageous

Children do all the mischief fearlessly. They jump with joy, fall, have scars, but immediately get up. What a beautiful life lesson to learn from children? Their main aim is to gain happiness from their pursuit and they are not intimidated by the obstacles in the path.

Gain pleasure from even the small things

This is one of the cutest things adults can learn from children. Have you seen children forgetting about their disappointments and being engaged in spending quality time with their sibling or friends? They make us realize that good family time and friendship is more important when we see the big picture.

Start every day with a fresh perspective

Every day is a new beginning for children. They don’t carry the burden of the past and wait for the new day with much enthusiasm,

Being lost in creativity

When children are lost in creativity, nobody can distract them. They just focus on what they are doing and enjoy their passion to the fullest. They may be wearing a serious expression the whole day because they have been working on their creativity and want to complete it.

Love without anxiety

We adults sometimes have the feeling that giving too much love will make us depressed later. But children just give love unconditionally and seldom do they think that too much of attachment will be detrimental to them.

Being stubborn is sometimes good

Children want to achieve their dreams at any cost and want their parents to satisfy their demands. They don’t know whether the demand is good or not unless we tell them.

Believe that everyone has something good in them

Children don’t totally hate a person. They believe that there is something in every person and learn a lesson or two from them.

We think we are the best teachers, but children can also teach us lot of things!

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  1. Hema Venkatesh

    Well written ! Kudos to the author for observing the best in Children. Adults need to learn from Children .

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