Top virtues needed in the present world

We say the world is uncertain. I can also relate with this statement. But why don’t we just stop for a moment and think about certain virtues that play a key role in understanding the purpose of life? In fact, if we comprehend the purpose of life, everything will fall in place. Here are some virtues that are much needed in this present world.


We may face several problems in life, and we are also used to complaining. But why don’t we just pause for some time and be thankful for this great gift of life? I know life has been unfair with all of us, and we also see our near and dear ones suffering. But still being happy for what we have will go a long way in making our life journey smooth. In fact, I have seen several people whose near and dear ones passes away due to natural or unexpected circumstances still not giving up on the Supreme Power. They are definitely anguished by the demise of the near and dear ones, but still they are thankful for the gift of life. There is great happiness when we do our duties diligently without being affected by the uncertainty of life. If you are grateful, you can set an example for others to live and they can take a leaf out of your book.


Forgiveness is a great virtue. It not only makes us feel relaxed but it can also give the person who wronged us a chance to change. But the key lies in not always telling that we have forgiven the other person. That will make the other person guilty. We should have to do it spontaneously and hence give them the chance to rectify their mistakes. Sometimes we think that when we forgive others they will try to take advantage of us. But that should not be our perspective of forgiving. We can forgive and still make the person understand his/her mistake through good words.


Patience is the much-needed virtue nowadays. We have to understand that time has its own way of solving problems. When we don’t have patience only, we give up in life. But the problem with patience is that we tend to become complacent. We have a smug attitude that things will turn out good due to our patience. This is where constant efforts applies. There may be wasted efforts too in the process, but we should ensure that we proceed in life with patience.


While we say sorry to a stranger in the road whom we accidentally hit, we fail to be kind with our family and near and dear ones. Why is this contradiction? Why is it we are living two lives?  Let us try to have a same face throughout, which is nothing but the epitome of peace. When we are peace with ourselves, we will be kind with others too.


Now there arise the question of blind belief and faith. Faith is a very deep concept. We have to trust the journey of life and surrender to one main force. This will be the Supreme Power to most of us. We have to ensure that we don’t get carried away by the cruelties of the world.


Yes, we would have gone through various difficult phases in life, but still at the end of the day, a voice will whisper, “Friend! Don’t give up! You can try once more”. Courage needn’t be too bombastic or flaunting. It needn’t be aggressive too. It can be a silent power that shows you the right path. When your mind is calm only, you can make the best use of courage.


Empathy is nothing but the ready understanding of other’s state and putting ourselves in the shoes of others. It goes beyond kindness and helps to even look at the point of view of others. When we are having lot of problems and try to empathize with others, there will be mutual benefit. We will not be under the opinion that we only are suffering and  realize that everyone is fighting a brave battle.


We would have gained lot of knowledge, but the key is in staying grounded. When pride starts entering our mind, it will be blinded with haughtiness. We should maintain the simple approach of humility and try to become the best version of ourselves in spite of our daily achievements.


There is the famous story of a princess who was searching for her lost  golden ring all over the house only to find it in her pocket itself at the end of the day. This is what happens with most of us. We have to find the inner tranquillity within ourselves and understand that we are doing our best.


Flexibility can also be considered a virtue. The ability to adapt yourself wherever you go will go a long way in boosting your morale. For example, the daughter who was pampered by her parents will find it tough initially to adjust in her in-law’s home. But with passage of time, she will overcome all her fears and adjust. Even in the workplace, you can be flexible. For example, if once in a while you are asked to extend two hours you can do that. Workplace flexibility helps you adapt to changing situations and expectations.

These are the virtues that are very much needed in this contemporary world. If not for these virtues, life would be without any purpose and we would be struggling to find meaning in it.

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  1. Hema Venkatesh

    The article is excellent. Philosophy in a nutshell. Very aptly written. Forgiveness , has been well explained.
    ‘Courage need not be aggressive “, excellent!

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