How to stop feeling sorry for yourself

It all comes with time. This is the best message I can give someone who is having self-pity. Have you observed a child who has fallen down, gets up, goes home with a heavy heart, and seeks the attention of everyone in the family? In fact, this is a small example of self-pity which is understandable and is okay. But with passage of time, we should learn to stop self-pity from mastering us and be confident enough to face the world. Now lets see some tips to stop feeling sorry for yourself:

Question the situation

At the time of having self-pity, you will feel as though the world is against you. However, you have to think in such a way that is it really worth falling into self-pity. Divert your attention and don’t let the self-pity thoughts sabotage you.

Develop the virtue of gratitude

Gratitude is indeed a great virtue. When you start developing it, you will feel that your problems shrink. Remember that you have come this far not to give up.  Complaining only will aggravate the situation. When you start complaining, your problems seem to manifest. But gratitude will do just the opposite.

Help someone

This is one of the best habits you can cultivate when you feel self-pity. Socializing with others, knowing their problems, and helping them will make you feel that you are not alone. Your anguish will eventually subside and you will realize that everyone is facing a battle.

Maintain positivity

Yes, when I say maintain positivity I don’t say that you should immediately bounce back to normalcy. But you start trying from shifting that feeling of self-pity to sadness. While it is absolutely normal to feel sad, feeling sorry for yourself for a long time doesn’t have a good effect on your mental health. In fact, self-pity has a complaining quality attached to it. Just embrace the situation for what it is and don’t cry over what has happened to you.

Search for inspiration

When you start feeling on the verge of self-pity, you can begin to look for inspiration around. You can go into introspective mode for the better and analyze whether self-pity is really worth it. Begin by looking at those people you know who have struggled.

Stop comparing

When you start comparing your life with others, you will never be at peace. For this, as I always emphasize on my blogs, trust your  journey. Don’t ask “of all, why me?. Remember that everyone’s journey is different.

Set realistic goals

Once you start getting into the habit of feeling sorry for yourself, it will make you question the purpose of life. To avoid this, always set goals that you are sure of attaining.  By doing so, there will be great improvement in your approach to life.

This is a difficult world we all know. Feeling sorry for ourselves is something that we cannot avoid sometimes. But mindfully practicing the above points will definitely reap fruits. And yes, definitely it comes with time when there is grit and determination to succeed in life.


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