Why you liking yourself is more important than what others think about you

We all have the tendency to gain approval from people for the actions we do. For example, when we are going to talk in a social gathering, the thoughts that comes in our mind is, “what people will think about my performance?”, “Will they like the way I talk”? “What if they disapprove me”, etc. These thoughts dominate us so much that we sometimes fail to understand our worth. We are so reliant on other people’s opinions that we fail to realize the great truth that we know ourselves best. Now let’s see the reasons why there is no need to think too much about what others think:

You have a unique journey

Everyone’s life is different, and others may not know what we are facing. You cannot give some person the entire hold to determine your life. When you follow your dreams with care, you will eventually be happy that they fructify. But be careful that you don’t become too arrogant in your attitude.

Listen to the gut feeling

Yes, we have travelled to a particular extent in life, and it is you who knows how life will take you forward. You have made several choices and also learned through trial and errors. That said, don’t you think you have to heed to the gut feeling which correctly pops up during the right time? And add some rationalization to this gut feeling, and there you are in the right direction! Others may be your well-wisher, accepted, but it is you who is your best friend.

What works for others may not work for you

Let’s not confuse the good wishes others have for us with that of taking our life decisions. Even though others try to get deep into our lives, they cannot provide a perspective that is totally based on our life experience. Your friend may adopt a particular approach to life by working long hours and following certain strategies to be successful in life. But this may not be suitable for you.

Our self-approval determines the future

Everyone plays an important role in our lives. Love them with care and make them happy. But you have your own voice which you should not underestimate. If you use your voice properly, your right well-wisher will only like you. Don’t be so given up in life like the old man in the “old man and the donkey” story that in your quest for pleasing all, you end up in underestimating yourself.        For the uninitiated, I have written the story below:

You would have heard about one of Aesop’s fables where a father and a son go to the market with their donkey. In the initial stage, by-passers laughed at them for walking when they have a donkey on which they can sit. So the father asks his son to sit on the donkey while he walks. Sooner, a gang of mischievous boys make fun of the son for letting his father walk. Hence, the son, who was visibly hurt, asks his father to sit on the donkey, while he walks. Very sooner, two elderly women passed by and scoffed at the father for letting the poor boy walk. Hence, both the father and son, after much pondering, sat on the donkey and rode it. In some time, some passerbys jeered at them for letting the donkey tolerate their weight. Finally, the father and son decided to carry the donkey on their shoulders.

As they were walking carrying the donkey, the passerbys couldn’t control their laughter, and they laughed out loud. This laughter visibly frightened the poor creature that set himself free and galloped away.

I always used to think about the truthfulness of this story. In our daily lives, whether it is workplace or home, we try to please everyone and are carried away by their opinions. In the fable, the bypassers just expressed unfair words to the father and son. But who is bearing the brunt of it finally? It’s only you, with your sensitive nature. So the key lies in just concentrating on the journey ahead, without being browbeaten by negativity in the middle. Do what you feel is right (you can consult your well-wishers too) and what is apt for the situation.

Thinking too much about what others think will hinder your progress

Yes, in line with the previous point, there will be delay in achieving your dreams when we are preoccupied with what others think of us. People will have varied expectations from us, and if our determined approach towards our lives syncs with their expectations, well and good. But there is no need to change your thought process continually in order to gain approval of others.


Others will care but their life is not revolving around you

Everyone has their unique purpose in life, and everyone is struggling to reach their goal. I am not a cynic to say that nobody cares for you, but mostly everyone is trying to enhance their lives. My good intentions for my brother don’t mean that I take full control of his life. He also needn’t do things only to please me but should do it for his own interest. What you think about you is more important.

Take care all..Live life to the fullest by being your unique self and not being obsessed with what other people think of you.


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  1. Padma

    Everyone’s journey is unique and generalised perceptions doesn’t help with any solution

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