Challenges of different job roles and the importance of each role

When I say that there is lot of persistence needed to sustain in a career, I say with a reason. We all select our profession for several reasons. Some may take the career of their choice and climb the ladder of success diligently, while some may take a completely different field but still try to learn its nuances. All said and done, when we enjoy working, there wouldn’t any issue. But you may say to me: there lies the challenge. This blog is an attempt to explore the different careers (as far as my knowledge goes) and analyze the pros and cons of it.

Content writer

Being a content writer myself, it is fair enough to write about it first. A content writer has the responsibility of writing original content. That is all good. But it would be better when content writers are not treated as subject matter experts by the organizations at the initial stage itself. Let there be clear-cut specifications given to them. This is because when the content writers do research without any knowledge of the subject, they tend to rephrase the sentences which too is considered as plagiarism now. For this, let the organizations assess the caliber of the content writer while screening and then eventually provide them the job. There are different types of content writing, and the candidate should be assessed accordingly. For example, a creative writer may struggle to become a technical writer.

Banking employee

Being in the banking sector is one of the challenging jobs a person can take. It involves dealing with lot of people and in the process maintaining commendable level of customer satisfaction. You can elevate your career by doing your work diligently. Initially, there will be probationary period wherein you will be handling customer-related queries. Once you scale high it will be really rewarding. For private banks, you should take up an exam so that get hired by banks. Several aspiring candidates prepare a lot for this.

Administration executive

Being an administrative executive requires great care and diligence. The executive has to draft important documents, receive mails and phone calls, and interact with clients in an amiable manner. In fact, for most part, this executive represents the organization and hence should know the ins and outs of the organization. Sometimes, these professionals have to multi-task which is something strenuous yet challenging.

Scientist/data scientist

A scientist is looked upon with great respect by all. Several students in their young age will have dreams of becoming a scientist but somehow their path will divert. For this it is crucial to set your objectives at the young age and prepare for this coveted job accordingly. Now there is also growing importance for data scientists who handle huge sets of data and extract insightful information from it.

HR executive

An HR officer is the gateway to hiring the right candidate for the organization. The major characteristic needed for these professionals is making the right judgment for selecting the right candidate. In some situations, they may also be able to tap the dormant skills of the candidate. That said, when they screen the candidate, they should ensure that he/she is a perfect fit for the job. They should also see that if the candidate has talent, he/she can be ideal even if there is career gap


We are all what we are today with regard to our knowledge, thanks to the guidance of our teachers during our young age. The key is in being the best teacher possible and does not make this noble profession lose its value. The real test for a teacher lies in being impartial and giving the correct scores the students. They should also go an extra mile in making the students future-ready.


We are all attracted by the glamour of the movie industry. The test for an actor is to select the right roles and reach the audience in an effective manner. The lure of earning money may be tempting for the actors, but eventually when the audience accepts them and appreciate the movies, it will be a great achievement that can overtake the power of money.

Software engineer/tester

The beginning years of the 21st century saw a great demand for software engineers. But according to me, it really needs an analytical mindset to code and enjoy the work. The software engineers should also keep updating their knowledge and ensure that they don’t remain outdated. The satisfaction you get when your code works and the disappointment you get when it doesn’t work are all part of the industry. A tester is also an equally demanding position wherein you find flaws in the product.   They should also continuously upgrade their knowledge and become adept in trending strategies as DevOps.


When there is any problem in our house whether it is pipe leakage or with household appliances, the plumber is most needed. The plumber should have an analytical bent of mind and should be ready with all the equipments for the work beforehand itself. However, the problem nowadays is that the plumbers are not available whenever we call them and hence we may have to seek the services of professional services.


Vehicles are our prized possessions, whether it is a two-wheeler or car. But when there is an issue with our vehicle, we immediately seek the help of a mechanic. The mechanics should be well-versed in their area of expertise and should keep abreast with the new technology. He should also have good identification skills with regard to the automotive issues.


Being a doctor is the noblest profession one can take up. He/she is responsible for diagnosing the medical condition properly and giving the appropriate treatment. In some situations, the doctor is also considered next to God for “giving” life to people. That said, it is high time that the society realizes the nobility of this profession and don’t make it commercialized. The doctors should also be conscientious enough and should have quick understanding of the patient’s state. Besides, while they are learning new things day by day, they should be confident enough in treating the patients. They should give accurate advice, at the same time not frightening the patient. I stress on this point because nowadays most of the people are scared to visit a doctor thinking that they may make them feel frightened.


A lawyer is the one who is the main element in finding justice for an innocent person. We all are used to the court room scenes in movies and serials, and this shows the importance of a good lawyer. They should have good listening capacity and empathize with the problem of the accused. While they should be assertive in their views, they should not be arrogant.

Marketing executive

A marketing executive is one who promotes the products and services of an organization with great attachment to their brand. Even now, marketing executives need to travel a lot for the development of the company products. Organizations even now prefer face-to-face conversations with the company’s representatives rather than promoting only through written documents.


Journalism is a powerful tool in the society. It should give unbiased and accurate information to the society. There should not be any factual misinterpretation in the news. Whether it is the role of an editor or reporter, there should be adequate diligence exercised by the journalist.

Web designer

While the content writer deals with putting life to the thoughts of the organization’s vision in words, the web designer works with the look and feel of the website.        They should have good creative skills and should be adept with the techniques in making the website shine. Since the organizations want their websites to be delivered in a short span, the web designers should be able to meet the deadlines.

Chartered Accountant

This is a prominent field too, and an individual has to present all the pertinent financial data and other information to the auditor. That said, integrity is one skill that is highly essential for a chartered accountant. Their work ethics should also be high. They should adhere to the guidelines of the work within their scope.

This is a gist of some of the job roles that candidates wish to endeavor. There will definitely be problems in the process, but persistence is the key to success.

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