The unwavering strength of a mother

There is definitely beauty in the love of a mom towards her child. It is not without any reason that she is celebrated since the birth of humanity with great enthusiasm. Whether it is the stoic mother who doesn’t force her traits on her children or the jittery mother who ensures that her child is not affected by her shortcomings, she is a woman par excellence. Now let’s see some points which will strengthen my argument regarding the relentless strength of a mother:

A mother puts her children’s needs first before hers

It can mostly take only a mom’s love to consider the priorities of her children before anything else. And the best part is that she does it effortlessly. We cannot simply limit her love by saying that “the moms of the 14th century”, “the moms of the 21st century”, etc. A mom’s love is always fresh and unconditional.

A role model to children with regard to eating habits

Yes, this is the major trait of a mom. She may love ice creams, doughnuts, pizzas etc. but she will forgo them because she wants to set a good example to her children. Watch her relaxed face when she gives up on her favorite not-so healthy food just because she doesn’t want her child to have it.

She is the best critic of her child

You may think why my mother is not praising me at all or only having few words of appreciation for me. But that is the typical trait of a mom. She teaches her children the hard realities of life and what it takes to be criticized. When her child improves and gets a good name, she is the first person to be happy.

She opens up her problems without much fuss

The moms of nowadays have realized that it is always better to share their problems with their children so that the latter is aware of her struggles. Instead of silently suffering with her issues, she shares some of her problems to her children. She generally starts sharing her problems as she grows old.

The beauty in expressing love and not waiting for its acceptance

Well, who can beat a mom who loves her children without waiting for acceptance? This is one of the best traits that one can learn from a mom. She doesn’t generally complain that her children do not love her in return.

Her intentions are pure

Though this is implied, I will stress on it again. Every mother has good intentions for her child; only thing is that they make wrong decisions sometimes. But once they know it, they will quickly rectify it and smoothen the path of their children.


A child can always share his/her problems with his/her mother and can be satisfied that there is always a person to count on. The child wants someone whom they can depend on throughout his/her own life. And a mom slowly makes the child understand how to deal with their own problems themselves without being left in the dark.

Patience and integrity

A mother very well knows that it takes time for her child to achieve his/her dreams. However, though she may constantly give advice to her child regarding how to handle life (even in case of uncertainties), she will patiently watch her child adapting to the world without losing integrity.

Point out the ironies of the world in a humorous manner

Have you watched your mother talking about the not-so-good aspects of the world with a shade of humor? This is because she doesn’t want her child to be carried away by the seriousness of the matter. She knows that if she remains strong only her children will get relaxation.

A mother is a symbol of hope to her children who gets confused with the uncertainties of the world. Let’s cherish motherhood!


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