7 myths about depression: Do you know the real thing?

Depression is a mental condition that is gaining recognition gradually. Earlier, people didn’t realize the seriousness of this illness and just thought that it is just a temporary sadness. However, depression is something different. It is an ongoing feeling of sadness which hinders your progress. You will not be even able to concentrate on normal activities when you have depression. The key is in understanding the severity of depression and seeking good professional help when needed. The aim of this blog is to help you difference between depression and normal sadness and thereby make you lead a happy life. There are certain preconceived notions about depression which is also the focus of this article. Let’s see one by one:

Myth no. 1: Lack of concentration in work is depression

When you are not able to focus on work, it is not necessarily depression. This can be just a signal that your attention is diverted by other thoughts. For gaining this much-needed focus, you can engage in positive self-talk and practicing pause. While positive self-talk will encourage you to come out of your situation., practicing pause will give you the much-needed strength to focus on the job in the future.

Myth no.2: When you talk a lot it is depression

Sometimes we notice people talking a lot and tend to label it as depression. Talking a lot is just an outburst of your buried thoughts, and many people do it because they want to come out any signs of depression in the initial stage itself. Hence, when somebody keeps on talking, encourage them and don’t cut short while they are doing it. Don’t confuse exuberance with depression.

Myth no. 3: Only antidepressants can cure depression

Ant-depressants are indeed a good way to treat depression, but they alone won’t do the work. It is your will power that counts at the end of the day. Anti-depressants wont in fact affect your personality and you can very well march bravely in your journey to come out of depression.

 Myth no.4:  Depression is an illness that affects women only

Yes, women may be sensitive, but that doesn’t mean that they are only susceptible to depression. Depression may be due to various causes, and men are also vulnerable to it. Besides, it can be even be found in children nowadays, courtesy the corona virus pandemic. The key is in not succumbing to it and taking steps to cure it immediately.

Myth no.5: One should not talk about depression to others

Some may feel that talking about depression to even their near and dear ones may show their weakness to others. While some courageously talk about it publicly, some don’t do it. It’s all in the personal mindset of the person. But it’s in the other person’s approach to show the best possible care to the depressed person.

Myth no. 6: Depression is not something so serious; people make a mound out of a molehill

When you realize that a person is suffering from depression (symptoms being the person’s constant feeling that the future is bleak, loss of interest in doing daily activities etc. ), take effort to empathize with them. We cannot simply consider their situation trivial and think that they are exaggerating.

Myth no: 7: Depression is incurable

Time changes and the ethos also change. Depression, which was once thought incurable, is slowly gaining recognition. Now people are becoming open-minded and realizing that conditions such as depression and anxiety can be cured. Just keep believing in yourself and remember that when you finally accomplish your goal it is worth the wait.

Note: I have been doing research on depression for the past three years and hence this blog.



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