How to face writer’s block with confidence

For a person who has great interest towards writing, facing writer’s block can be a difficult one. You will actually run out of words, and your creativity will come to a halt. This is one of the testing phases of a good writer because originality is the mantra of such writers. But dealing it with confidence that you will overcome it is the real success of a writer. Now let’s see some key points on how to face this writer’s block:

Be confident of your writing skills

If writing is your real strength, it will definitely won’t fail you. Remember that the writer’s block can be just a temporary phase and not an end to your writing journey. Write down your thoughts with clarity and don’t think about proofreading at the initial stage. Later once you are certain that you have written all the relevant points, proofread it with diligence.

Don’t try to be prolific when faced with writer’s block

Yes, though you should keep writing something for the sake of keeping in touch with writing, don’t try to strain yourself by writing a lot. Just write what you can and maintain the quality.

 Divert your attention to something else

When you are not getting enough points for writing, try to shift your attention to something else. It can be cooking, gardening, stitching, listening to music, or watching TV. The key is in doing something so that you don’t get affected by the writer’s block.

Explain your problem to family/friends

When you tell your problem of writer’s block to your friends and family they may take steps to help you in whatever way they can. For example, for a prolific blog writer when there is sudden halt in writing blogs, let others not assume things. It is better to clear things by ourselves.

 First write down the sub-headings

This is one of the effective tips I can give to a writer. When faced with a writer’s block, writing long content may seem daunting to you. In this regard, first write down the sub-headings. Later, ponder over them and write elaborately. Writing the sub-headings itself is half battle won. It will give a picture of writing the full content. When you write the sub-headings effectively, the body part will automatically flow easily.

Take-home message

Remember that if you are a good writer and who uses words wisely, you needn’t fear about writer’s block. The more you give importance to the best practices in writing, the more you will understand that writer’s block is not a major issue. Just ensure that you handle it gracefully as soon as you are aware of it.

While writer’s block is a specific term used for writers, a temporary pause can even happen to other professions. Just don’t be worried over it;  believe that you are preparing yourself for more good works. We all are humans and tend to get overwhelmed with our routine works. Give yourself the time to come out of this break.


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