What is the reason for the low salary of the employee?

This is the question that always concerns me. And thus I find this is the right time to write this blog. There are times when we feel that though we have the right skillsets and talent we don’t get the deserved salary. Is it the employee’s fault or the employer’s fault? Now let’s go deeper into this. Let me give some essential tips to eliminate this problem and lead a fulfilling career.

Negotiate well in the beginning itself

The major mistake that most of the candidates do is not to negotiate well in the initial stages i.e. when they are freshers. This is because they haven’t done the research well. It is suggested to know about the company well before applying.  Ensure that you are paid the salary according to the industry standards. You may be in a dire need to get a job, and that’s understandable. However, remember that you are making an important decision of your life. It is always good to be clear at the outset rather than regret later.

Express your expected salary clearly

This is one of the crucial points during the interview process. If you are a fresher, ensure that you are clear about what you are going to ask. For a person who has over a couple of years of experience in your field and you have a break in your career, ensure that you don’t settle for less salary just because you had a break. Make it clear to the employer the reason for your break and explain to them that you are indeed a good fit provided you have the required skills for the job. After all honesty always pays. Even if that doesn’t pay, keep trying till you find the best opportunity.

Be confident. Period

Attending an interview can be an intimidating task for both the fresher and experienced professional. The key is in not losing our confidence and doing our best. Prepare yourself well for the interview and don’t panic about the questions to be asked. Salary negotiation is a major aspect of the interview process; ensure that what you have decided early and what you are going to get is the same.

 Take-home message

It should be remembered that just because you are getting less salary even after being in profession for a long time doesn’t mean that you are not skilled enough. It may be caused due to the above-mentioned reasons. Clarity in what you want from your professional life and your well-defined long-term goals will go a long way in enhancing your career. If you look at the big picture, mostly it won’t even be the mistake of the employee. It is just that he/she doesn’t know how to negotiate and how to present his/her skills convincingly to the employers.  Confidence always will work out; even when it doesn’t work out and you don’t get your deserved salary from the employer, there is always another chance for you to try. The key is in not accepting the offer when both your gut feeling and reasoning decide against it.

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