How to stop blaming yourself for everything constantly

Sometimes we are so caught in the web of self-blame that we start belittling ourselves. Yes, I know it is always good to take responsibility of our actions when we do mistakes, but there is difference between taking responsibility and blaming ourselves. When we take responsibility, we understand that certain things were out of our control sometimes and we will try to take steps to correct ourselves. But when we blame ourselves we become so overwhelmed with negative thoughts about ourselves that forgiving ourselves becomes difficult. Here are some points which will help us understand any situation in its truest sense and sail through life gracefully.

Are you doing your best in life? Then relax..

Yes..this is one of the important points that you should consider before blaming yourself for each and everything. If you are doing your best and something undesirable happens, learn to forgive yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes because through trial and errors only we learn sometimes. And in this world when we are taught the importance of being self-reliant, we tend to make mistakes even though we do our best in life.

Seek help

In continuation with the previous point, don’t hesitate to seek help when you really need it. In this way, you may gain better insights and will be in a good position to take wise decisions. Maintain a circle of trustworthy people who will understand your inner power and tenacity and will be able to give the needed morale support when you need it the most. Remember that sometimes when you seek help doesn’t mean that you are not self-reliant. It just means that you are careful enough in not paving the way for mental agony through wrong decisions.

Don’t set too many to-do lists to be completed in a day

We have the habit of targeting to complete several tasks in a day. But before that, confirm whether you would be able to complete it or not. Know your limits and plan accordingly. By doing so you can avoid blaming yourself for tasks not completed.

Being good is nice; but being obsessed with the outcome of your goodness can be stressful

We need lot of goodness in life, especially in these testing times. Good qualities of people should be nurtured, true enough. But when you do something good just don’t think too much about its outcome. When you have this attitude, you start blaming yourself when things don’t go well sometimes because of your obsession with the thought of doing good.

That’s why we need some mind relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, listening to good music, doing good exercises etc. These practices help us to stay strong; we needn’t constantly be concerned about whether our good actions have reached the other person in the right sense.

Take-home message

Self-blame, when done continuously, can be detrimental for your mental health. Ensure that you love yourself for what you are, simultaneously becoming the better version of yourself.

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  1. Ganesh Bharathi

    Nice one! This is a major problem among the introverts. Sometimes they have to relate self-care and selfish while with the toxic people. None other than one’s own self can do the best self-help. Because stress is always gifted from other people. One has to believe that Self-analysis could sort this out in most of the situation. Perspective matters.

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