The rise of the exceptional boy band BTS

It all started with their dreams. They were seven normal boys from Korea. In 2010, a small company named Big Hit conducted an audition for a new boy band group. Many people in South Korea participated in it. But only 7 boys from different places, Ilsan, Gwangju, Gwacheon, Daegu, and Busan were selected. Of course, its our favorite BTS boys. They all came to Seoul for their training.  They had to leave their families, friends, school, and everything. They were all teenagers; the youngest member “Jungkook”  was just 13. After three years of hard work and struggle , they formed a group called BTS –  Bangtan Sonyeondan which refers to Bullet Proof Boy Scouts.

Debut of BTS

The group debuted with their first single – No More Dream on June 13, 2013. They gave an amazing stage performance. Then they were focusing on their songs and music and were releasing more singles, but at the initial stage BTS didn’t gain much support from the fan base  and the media. They were humiliated by the media people.

Once BTS had to perform on an unclean stage. They performed just for the sake of fans who were waiting for a long time. A.R.M.Y is their fanbase, and it stands for “Adorable Representative MC for Youth” There is also a day called the A.R.M.Y day which is celebrated on July 9. The group also released a song called
“Permission to Dance” on July 9, 2021 as a gift for ARMY day.

The hard times of BTS

The initial phase was not so good for BTS; they were in the verge of disbanding. But then they released a song on  April 29, 2015 called “I need you” which was a great hit among the youngsters of Korea. The song was all about youth depression, mental breakdown, love failure, and struggles of teenagers. The lyrics were so meaningful and touching. And in no time the song reached the international A.R. M.Y too. BTS received a lot of support from their fandom; it was a major turning point for the group. On May 5, 2015, the group won their first award for “Best Boy Band”. After that, they changed their music from rock and pop to melodious tunes. Even their lyrics changed into motivational ones.

From 2016, the group is only riding the success wave. Their song “Spring Day” was another major turning point; the song was about friendship. The word Bogo Shipda meaning “I miss you” became popular after the song’s release. Then they released Blood, Sweat and Tears which had a totally different vibe. It also became a success. The group gain lots of accolades and was recognized by several people in the industry. This wasn’t enough for them – they released more and more songs: solos, group songs, collabs and more.

Uninterrupted success story

Nothing could hinder BTS’ success story. Their fan base too was increasing day by day. Till this day, A.R.M.Y’s count is increasing every month. In 2020, when we all were suffering due to the pandemic, BT released more songs to comfort people. The main song was “Life Goes On”. It moved many A.R.M.Y’s hearts across the world. Then the group’s first English single Dynamite was released. It was a great hit so much so that it became a record breaker by getting 100 million views in 24 hours. Then they released their second English single Butter which broke the record of Dynamite. Both the songs were in the first place of Billboard Hot 100. Then they released their third English single “Permission to Dance” which gained international recognition. Recently they collaborated with another famous pop band Cold Play and released a song My Universe. Now the group is nominated for the Grammy’s for the second time.

BTS has achieve a lot in the K-Pop industry. They visited UN General twice and performed their single, Permission to Dance there. They even received Diplomatic passport from the President of South Korea and were appointed as Special Presidential Envoy.

From being nowhere to the biggest boy band, BTS taught us to be patient, to love ourselves, to believe in ourselves, and to help others too. From being boys who were selling concert tickets on streets to ones whose concert tickets were sold in minutes, they had an incredible journey. Their struggles and pain finally paid off.

“No matter who you are, where you are from, your skin color, your gender identity, just speak yourself. Find you name and find your voice by speaking yourself.” RM Namjoon

Contributor Anjana Narasimhan, 9th standard 

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