Why we falter in our New Year resolutions? : Suggestions to make them work

New Year starts with great hopes for most of us. And when New Year arrives, we cannot miss the significance of New Year resolutions. These purposeful goals are taken with great sincerity by us; however, we fail to follow them sometimes.

Why we fail in our New Year resolutions?

We may not follow our New Year resolutions due to different reasons. Some of them include:

No clarity in the resolution

At the time of taking the resolution, we would be impulsive enough and think that we can achieve them. But the problem is that we are not clear in what we want to achieve. For example, if weight loss is your New Year resolution, ensure that you can definitely accomplish it; when you don’t achieve it only you will have a sense of guilt.

You are not self-motivated

In the present age, self-motivation is the much needed virtue. If you have the ability to motivate yourself without waiting for others to do that to you, you have mastered a great skill. Maybe people can help you, but ultimately it is you who have to do the work.

You build castles in the air but don’t fructify anything

This is one of the major stumbling blocks in not achieving your New Year dreams. These “castles” are so deceiving  that they will make you lazy and will not let you go closer to your dreams.

You want things to happen immediately

Ironically, he purpose of resolutions is not that. Resolutions should be nurtured with care, and once you start working on them, you should have patience. It is not like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan sings in Kandukonden Kandukonden, “நான் நட்டதும் ரோஜா இங்கே பூக்கணும்.

You think too much about the process of the resolution

Sometimes, we become so overwhelmed and obsessed with the thought of accomplishing our resolutions that we fail to pause. The beauty behind pausing is that you give time for your resolutions to take shape. Nothing can be done in a hurry as mentioned in the previous point.

 You have no one to guide you

Yes, just as self-motivation plays an important role in reaching close to your dreams and aspirations, the support of others is also equally important. Confused? Well, when the initiative starts with you, people also be interested in motivating you. And this will go a long way in helping you achieve your dreams.

How to accomplish your New Year goals?

Yes, this can be a Herculean task once you don’t have a record of your progress. Again, we all know it’s all in the mind. The mind when trained to think positively and for the benefit of you will eventually help you in achieving your resolutions. As much as your self-motivation and determination will help you in fructifying your resolutions, people close to you also can also help you in this process.

In the example of weight loss, ensure that you narrow it down including weight loss of 5kg in one year etc. When you have specific goals, it would be easy to reach it, and over time your mind will get accustomed to it.

Just as planning is important for making your New Year resolution work, working out the plan is equally important. It is not a childlike thing to hang boards on your walls including “weight loss”, “carrying out random acts of kindness” “”immerse with nature and stop using your phone one day a week”  “travel to a good place”, “read an insightful book a month” etc. This will only go a long way in making you go close to your goals. Just keep reminding that you are capable of doing lot more things than your mind is accustomed to believe you can.


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