Meaningful ways to celebrate your birthday

There is no denying that birthdays are special occasions in our lives. We celebrate it with much fun and enthusiasm. During our childhood, we all wait for this special day because we will wear color dresses and share chocolates with friends. Our parents also will buy us new dress and pamper us to a great extent with lovely gifts. As time passes by, amidst the chaos and confusion of life, our enthusiasm towards this day takes a different perspective. While in childhood we only thought about birthday from a selfish perspective, the happiness of getting gifts, wearing new clothes etc., we take one step ahead and think of spending the day on a purposeful note. We may think of helping the needy, the poor etc. Well, with this introduction, let us see some ways through which we can make our birthdays more meaningful.

Take a day off

One of the important things that we have to realize is that self-care is important. We work a lot the whole year, and it would be a good idea to take a day off from office and celebrate this special day. Go to bed early the day before and plan for some really purposeful event on your birthday. You can go to a trip with your near and dear ones and enjoy the special day.

Help the needy

As you grow older, you empathize with others a lot and will have the noble intention of helping the needy. Even if it is not those who are close to you, you will start understanding your near and dear ones more. You can do your best to make them happy; instead of just trying to impress them with material gifts, you can spend quality time with them. It is not that they only should make you feel special; you can also do the same.

Prepare your favorite dish and share it with others

This is your day; there is no second thought on that. Cook a favorite dish of yours in a relaxed manner and with lot of love. Share it with your family and friends and be delighted when you get appreciation. Sharing and caring will go a long way in strengthening your relationship with your near and dear ones.

Express gratitude to your parents

Parents are the treasures in our lives. We may argue with them, don’t listen to their good words sometimes, but ultimately we are attached to them to a great extent. Make your parents happy with even a handwritten thank you note.

Start something new to make yourself happy

You can start a new endeavor on this special occasion of your life. For instance, I started blogging on November 9 2020 (my birthday) and am happy that I did so. Blogging has proved to be a fulfilling experience in my life, and this day will always remain etched in my mind.

Start writing a journal of your life’s happenings

Well, this is the last thing you would expect to make your birthdays meaningful, but they can be indeed a fruitful one. I can understand this is a chaotic world, and all we want to do after a long day is to complete our work diligently and relax. Just start writing a journal on your birthday, and read it elaborately on your next birthday. You will be surprised at the progress you have made.

Birthdays are indeed special days in our lives. Let us make them meaningful by engaging in the above-mentioned points. Do you have any point to share? Don’t hesitate to share in the comments box below.

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