Special post – Relations count a lot at the end of the day

There is no denying that life is indeed a roller-coaster ride. We have our ups and downs; sometimes we are able to tide through them gracefully, while at other times we are in the verge of giving up.  All said, it is easier said to be strong enough when our dear ones suffer. Such a situation happened to me recently.

I was already very much depressed with the demise of father  five years ago. My mother is the pillar of strength for me, and I take every effort to take care of her. Being a septuagenarian, she is always active. She makes sure that she keeps doing some work or the other to spend time productively. She never gets ill most of the times and manages to lead life with equanimity. She is a great inspiration to me.

My mother becomes unwell

But something was not good in the past few days. She felt very tired always and was lying in the bed most of the times, which was very unusual of her. Besides, she seemed to have lost interest in life. which is also not typical of her.   I looked after her like a mother does to her baby. During these three days, I realized how important is my mother to me. I used to send good morning messages to my friends and family daily, but somehow I stopped that too. I had a strong sense of despair looming, and I could not say it with clarity to others. Now I got the needed clarity and here I am with this special post.

My mother takes my father’s part

While my father pampered me with love when he was alive, my mother understood that I missed his company; she took every efforts to make me happy. Her practical approach towards life is something commendable especially being the jittery person I am. Whenever I am sad, she makes me reason it out and will come up with a clear solution. Her sheer presence gives me the strength and comfort that I very much need.

I didn’t fake my feelings

I know that my mother is ageing, and I didn’t fake my feelings during those three days when she was suffering. I didn’t show out that I am happy when actually I was not happy. I was very much affected by her sudden discomfort and just couldn’t come out of it.

With my mother becoming unwell, I have started realizing the importance of relations. A good relation is one wherein you stick together through thick and thin. It is not necessary that you should fake your feelings i.e. show out to the world that you are happy when you are actually sad. Pretending to be strong during tough times will only cause more mental turmoil. I have experienced this earlier too.

Understanding the purpose of life

Just accepting your feelings for what they are and giving the due care to them will help us understand the purpose of life. This tough phase in my life has taught me the importance of contemplation at the same time not forgetting to do my duties. As you grow older, the drive to achieve something in life will be strong and you will also understand the importance of your loved ones. In my case, the very purpose of my life now is to make my mother happy and give her a life with joy unlimited.

Material possessions alone don’t matter

We may have a top managerial position or a big bungalow or two majestic cars. But we get them for the very reason of making our dear ones happy. Compare a drive with your dear parents or children in a car , enjoying every second, with that of a lonely drive. The joy attained through this company is greater than being alone.

Don’t wait for a better day to do good things to your dear ones

Do the good things to your dear ones immediately. Don’t wait for a better day to come. How I wish I was settled in a deserving position in my profession when my father was alive! I tried to make him happy in as much ways I could but faltered in certain instances too. Let me make my mother happy by understanding her innermost expectations about me and doing my duties without her prompting me do so.

Happiness is a by-product of purpose according to me. The journey of a purposeful life will bring along with it immense pain too. But that should not deter me from achieving my purpose. Pause if I can, but never do I quit. And that pause is the real time to set more goals to fulfill my purpose. And my purpose at present is to make my mother happy….

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