How to motivate yourself when faced with health issues?

We all have our share of health problems. And it only increases as we age. When faced with health challenges, we wonder how would we be able to handle them. You may be having diabetes, high BP, hypertension, or any other ailment. And with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are becoming more worried than ever even with the slightest hint of a disease. Under such situations, what steps we can take to stay strong? Here are some steps to stay motivated in the face of health issues:

Concentrate on quality of life

Quality of life has become more important in this present situation  where the pandemic is upsetting the whole world. Spend quality time with your family, friends, and relatives. If you have any fears, tell it out to them. Even though they may not be able to find a solution to it (it’s great if they do), you would be glad that someone empathized with you. While you vent out your thoughts to them, you would be surprised to see that they are also sharing similar problems. This will help you in facing your health challenges with grit.

Be grateful for the good things in life

When health challenges hit us, it is only natural to get upset initially. But as time passes by, we have to start accepting the reality. Once we accept the situation as it is, we can focus on the good things in life. By doing so, we will realize that life is a precious gift which should be handled properly. When faced with an illness, we can either get bogged down or face the situation with courage. Choosing the second option is indeed the wise thing.

Emerge a wise person from the health challenge

Yes, you are living with an health challenge, and that should make you wiser. When you feel the pain of having an illness, appreciate yourself for how well you are trying to combat it. You can boost yourself by doing physical exercises daily. If you have back pain, you can do the exercises suggested by the physiotherapist religiously. When you realize that you are indeed fighting a brave battle, all your worries would be mitigated.

Write a lot

What a relief is to write down your thoughts so that you give vent to your innermost fears. Just like sharing your problems to your near and dear ones will go a long way in alleviating your pain, writing them down also will help. Once you express your problems orally and in paper, all you have to do is to concentrate on your goals and take steps to reach them.

Pause if you want

When faced with health challenges, we will feel the need to quit our job, take rest most of the times, and not concentrate on work. These can be challenged by taking a break from your regular schedule. Take time to be kinder to yourself and look back at life with gratitude. Remember that your determination to achieve great things in life is much stronger than your physical ailments.

Take-home message

Lead a life with grace, and ensure that you don’t make your health challenges your master. Combat them courageously. Sometimes it may give a bleak picture, but that is only temporary. Now tell me how do you lead a fulfilling life amidst the turbulent times of an health issue? Your comments are welcome.


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