The Power of Repetition of Positive Thoughts

Many a times in our lives we would have encountered situations wherein our well-wishers keep on repeating the same thing to us. We would get irritated and would even retort to them angrily. For example, my father always used to keep repeating to me regarding being careful and not be gullible, doing things with diligence, keep the things in the original place after taking them, etc. The wisdom he tried to impart to me seemed upsetting at that time, but at later stages I realize how useful it is for achieving success in my life. Now let’s see the importance of repeating positive things to ourselves:

Repetition helps us get accustomed to the good thing

When you repeat a particular thing in your mind, you will get used to it, and it will have a deep effect on your subconscious mind. You will eventually start following it. Here the key is in not getting disheartened by the seemingly wasted efforts. Just as tiny drops make an ocean, the repetition of positive thoughts by a well-wisher to you or by yourself will go a long way in molding you.

Repetition is highly beneficial in the long run

You may not see the results of positive repetition immediately, but it will have a lasting impact in the long run. When your dear ones constantly ask you to do your actions with the due diligence, remember that it will sit in your sub-conscious mind.

Repetition expresses the thing clearly to the concerned person

You may already know that you have to practice the positive thought, but when someone keeps repeating it to you or you keep repeating the thought, you would be reminded of the benefits of the thought under context.

Vision board will also help

For some people, vision boards can also be helpful. You can write down positive thoughts in a board and hang the board on a prominent area in your house. This will assist you in remembering the positive thoughts and automatically put them into action. Again, if your thoughts are so powerful, you needn’t have vision boards at all. You just have to keep repeating the positive thoughts frequently in your mind.

What to do when negative thoughts are triggered even after your effort for positive repetition?

Look at the situation from a different perspective

You know your thought process better, and repeating positive thoughts is a highly beneficial thing. But what to do when you have a negative thought? In such situations when you have the tendency to ruminate on it, try to look at the case from a different perspective. For example, you would not have performed some exam well; you just keep focusing on how you can enhance your life in the present moment. If I say have a deep breath or have a cup of tea or do pranayama or meditation, it may not work for some  people (if it works, well and good). When it doesn’t work, observe how fast you divert your negative thoughts. Become engaged in some work during such times. Even a change of environment will help you. But the key is in becoming busy in the changed environment. If you start ruminating on the negative thought even there also, there is no use of your efforts.

Take-home message

The interesting thing about life is that things don’t fructify soon. However, if you understand that there is a process for everything in life, your confusion would be solved. In the case of repetition of positive thoughts, you will definitely understand the energy and determination with which you are repeating them. These thoughts will become so powerful in the course of time that your actions will show them. You can also have some mantra which you can keep repeating daily. In life, consistency is the key….



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