Is sometimes not saying anything the best answer?

There is a saying that silence can never be misquoted. Well, that’s something to be contemplated upon.  With the frequent usage of WhatsApp and text messages and with every smiley having some meaning, people tend to wonder when you maintain silence. They say silence is the true decoration of a wise person, but that should not be misunderstood. A wise person does his/her work without much fuss, and there will be no  noise when he/she succeeds. This is where silence plays an important part. But that doesn’t mean that you should follow silence in day-to-day conversations, especially important ones. Now lets see whether sometimes not saying anything is the best answer or not.

When you talk to someone in person, ensure that you drive your message across clearly

In order to avoid the unnecessary feeling of being ignored by others through silence, you can be clear in what you say. Sometimes when people don’t like something that you are talking about, they will divert the topic. In those situations, it’s better not to ask them again immediately about it.

Don’t rely on only SMS or WhatsApp messages for regular/important conversations

As far as possible, convey your message clearly to others in person or through telephonic conversation. In that way, you can get clear answers. Don’t rely on only WhatsApp and text messages for talking important topics. Some people may not prefer typing long messages or may not even have read the message. Moreover, they would opt for voice call.

Cherish those people who reply to your messages and are clear in their conversation

While you are concerned when people don’t say anything in reply to your important talks or messages, don’t forget to cherish those who take efforts to reply to your messages. In the meantime, what about the pain of those who have attended interviews and not getting any reply for a long time? How good it would be if the organization takes effort to tell the reason in case their resume is not shortlisted! Here transparency is more helpful than diplomacy.  In this regard, your comments are highly welcome.

If you are too busy with your work or is lost, let the other person know it

Imagine a situation wherein a person who was conversing with you regularly changed a lot and has reduced the conversation. Sometimes they don’t even reply to your WhatsApp messages or SMS, and you would start assuming things. Here then the problems we assume are worse than the real ones. Hence the best thing is to let the other person know that you are really busy and won’t be able to converse with them as frequently as earlier.

 Take-home message

These are some tips for those who are so sensitive when people are silent to their regular/important messages. Silence can have different meanings. When somebody doesn’t like something in you, they don’t tell it out thinking that you might feel hurt. Or when somebody is really caught up in work, they may not respond. The best thing to do when people don’t say anything is to not be too concerned about it. And for those who are silent to your genuine messages, they can take effort to give the real reason for their silence. As I said earlier, sometimes honesty is better than diplomacy. You comments are highly welcome.

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