Why perfection is an illusion (nevertheless a journey to be cherished)?

We all want a perfect life; a life that is filled with happy family, empathetic friends, and a successful career. But do we ever realize why thinking about these too much will only cause depression? In our quest for perfection, we fail to understand the real meaning of living in the present. We keen on searching, searching and searching for the ideal life and become frustrated when we don’t get the same.

What if circumstances are not favorable?

When I say perfection is an illusion, you may tend to ask, “Why not? Cant’ I achieve in life with perfectionist attitude? But trust me, that will only drain your energy. You have to gather the energy to say that you are ready for a successful life whether or not that life is before you. Perfection will mostly be elusive because most of the times  circumstances will not favorable. Just when you wake up from you sleep, have a positive thought that there is a promising day. After all, at the end of the day you will realize that it is your attitude to face life amidst all the adversities is what that gives you the strength to live life to the fullest.

Perfectionism and comparative mindset is a dangerous combination

We tend to grade ourselves with others in all our doings and don’t realize that everyone has a unique path to follow. The circumstance that is favorable to them will not work for us. The more and more we compare ourselves with others, the more and more the perfectionist tendency will cry for attention. And again, getting bogged down is also not a healthy thing when we compare with others. Deliberately choose a path wherein you start loving the process of becoming the best version of yourself.

Take-home message

Sometimes in your drive towards perfection, you may end up not getting your right career You may have lot of expectations towards your job which may not be practically present. When people call a company “the best place to work”, it will due to the reason that it had handled the adversities well and maintained resilience. You may also search, search, search for your life partner and may not find one. Halt and take a step at the moment. Your perfectionist mindset would have molded you in only seeing an illusion that is actually not there. Sometimes time has a stronger and wiser way of giving answers to our life. Take note of them keenly. Learning to look beyond imperfections at the same time understanding that perfectionism is a process to be cherished is what I call maintaining the balance. Be content with what you have; wait for the right timing; till then work towards what you want. The key is doing our best to achieve our goal with a balanced drive .





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