How to disagree with a colleague politely and maintain a positive work relationship

We all would have faced situations when we tend to disagree with people at work. We may work in harmony with each other, but that doesn’t mean that disagreements won’t happen. We would think how we can express our opinions confidently and clearly without hurting the other person. If it with friends or parents, it becomes a smooth sail though. Now lets see some ways to handle disagreements at the workplace, without lowering your self-confidence and also respecting the other person’s opinion.

Give them the assurance that you understand their point of view

We all have different opinions.  When a colleague expresses an opinion that you don’t agree, make sure that you first hear it fully and understand what he/she says. Take genuine efforts to make it clear to that person that you are trying to think from their angle too. However, when it comes to your opinion, it can still be different. Leave it like that.

Don’t be driven by emotions

This can never go wrong. If you focus on facts you will have the confidence that you are driving home the right thing. Don’t be overwhelmed when you are disagreeing with your colleague. On the contrary, don’t get into a complaining mode too. Reason out the facts calmly and let not your emotions dominate your reasoning.

Understand the intention and also see the good

The colleague may have good intention about a point but it may not be suitable for the purpose. The point may also not be a good one. Disagree in such a way that instead of finding faults in the opinion you cognize his/her real intention.

Take time to introspect and then express your opinion

When your colleague says something that is not agreeable, don’t tell him/her straight in the face about your disagreement. Listen patiently and take your time to come back with your opinion. Remembering that there is both a right and wrong way to deal with a disagreement, why not choose the former wisely rather than opting for the latter impulsively?

Sometimes the best way to handle a disagreement is to end it

Sometimes you may feel that you are right but still it would be better to politely end the topic. It’s not that you are cutting the conversation due to your ego. It’s just that you are understanding the differences between both of you and making sure that it doesn’t lead to an unpleasant argument .

 Take-home message

Disagreements are integral to your profession, and the key is in neither becoming too arrogant in your disagreement nor having a low confidence level. Just maintain the spirit of work and enjoy it. With time, when you handle disagreements at workplace effectively, it will become a workplace culture that is driven by positivity.

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