International Women’s Day impact: Break the gender bias with clarity


Does that resonate with you? This year’s International Women’s Day theme is nothing short of relevance. Whether it is in the home or in the workplace or in education or in leadership, there is a call to action for gender equality. But there’s a catch here. Breaking the gender bias doesn’t mean that women only should be empowered and men should be the meek spectator. For a better tomorrow, there should be harmony in both their presentation of capabilities.

Breaking the bias – home

Both men and women can share their responsibilities at home. Start talking to your kids about gender equality assertively and let them know that every work in the home should be done equally. Don’t swallow words in between when you inculcate the significance of an equal-gender world. Children should not yield to the preconceived notion that fathers should always be strong and mothers should always be meek. Men can break down too and women can be aggressive too.

Breaking the bias – education

Due to the age-old practice of doing household chores, some girls usually miss their school education. All the same, this scenario is gradually changing, and women are getting the due they deserve. There are several households now, even in rural areas, who have realized the importance of girl education; when marriage proposals come up, the parents strictly say that their daughter will get married only after completing her studies. Parents are even willing to let their girl child work for some time, learn to be independent, and later get married.

Breaking the bias – workplace

We would very much like to think that gender bias at workplace doesn’t exist now. But when it exists, it is necessary to keep a tab on it. Right from the recruitment process there should be an assurance that men and women are treated equally. It should be a thing of the past when a marketing associate sends an email to a client after mentorship with the salutation of “Dear sir”.  Workforce is not predominantly led by men. Women too can be great HR, vice-presidents, presidents, and CEO. And that is happening now with women too making their presence felt at workplace.

Take-home message

There is no such thing as men are more powerful than women. These are all social conditionings that affect the way that boys and girls see the world. There is a beauty in the aspect that there is some feminine nature in men; men embracing the role of nurses is nothing to be surprised about as they too have the potential to be an exceptional caregiver. Likewise, women can also be successful bus drivers, auto drivers, and firefighters. And when the husband take up the role of stay-at-home parent and wife opts to take up full-time job, it should also be welcomed unanimously.

Now then, is there a woman who still says “Hey, I am the weaker gender..I cannot do this work.”?

And what about men saying, “Hey, I am born to have to obey me. “?

When there is some trigger to say such things, just remember that the world would be a better place if we understand the beauty of each gender and be adaptable enough to create a sustainable tomorrow through our understanding. Period.

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