How priority towards purpose will help you

Have you encountered any situation such as being in a strict diet regimen or getting yourself ready for going for walking daily? Did you find it difficult to get the motivation? Then you are not alone. The problem is that we expect to get some happiness in the form of motivation when we engage in such things. But life teaches its lesson in a different way. It shows that when we do something with a purpose, for example diet regimen or walking, the endeavor may not always be easy.

The trigger for happiness  vs purpose

Yes, the triggers for happiness are such immense that we attach everything with it. But we have to observe is that there is no gain without taking some painful steps. The other day when I overcame the difficulty of walking for 40 minutes, it is because I regarded purpose over happiness. The very thought that I should benefit from the action I am doing and not necessarily gain only enjoyment from it made me continue walking (It’s a different question altogether how to motivate yourself for getting happiness to attain a purpose. I will write that in a different blog).  And yes! I will get that happiness that I am striving for after practicing my seemingly painful purpose.

How to mindfully work on your purpose

So now you may ask me how I can gain happiness even amidst a purposeful life. Is a purposeful life mostly full of thorns and not roses? I empathize with you. Remember that the initial stages would be difficult and you may not get happiness. If you walk for 40 minutes, you would feel like giving up. Here let the big picture come into your mind. It will help you in focusing on your life-long benefit and ensure that you are working on it.

The sheer feeling of “No-I-cannot-do-it” will be there when you start for walking (walking is just an can even be doing exercises, doing household chores etc.). This is also because you give priority to happiness over purpose and meaning in life. Just calm yourself and do your work diligently. Don’t prioritize happiness over purpose. If you prioritize in such a way, you may not benefit in life. But once you give importance to purpose over happiness, you will eventually gain happiness, and that will long-lasting. And that’s what matters at the end of the day.

Take-home message

The aim of this blog is to motivate those who are struggling to break the monotony of life and eventually gain happiness. But remember’s not always about getting instant results and instant satisfaction. And the source of the action may not always give you happiness. In my desire to do walking, I will find it difficult to walk up early every day. I may become highly disappointed with my inability to start the process. I may even give up with the thought that I should always get happiness while starting on my endeavor. But life doesn’t have a set process wherein there is happiness attached for every difficult yet rewarding endeavor in life. Just focus on the goal, don’t be too preoccupied with happiness at the initial stage itself, have a steady grasp of the purpose in your mind, and proceed with your actions. Trust me, a life filled with purpose and meaning will give you the happiness that you wanted in the early stage but with a different dimension. You will gain more happiness than you expected when you start with the purpose in mind. And this accumulation is worth it.

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