Kurai Ondrum Illai?

Well, here is a question. How many of you can confidently say, “Kurai Ondrum Illai” (there is no problem)? With personal tragedies and the pandemic adding more fuel to it, we all are fighting brave battles. So it may add more agony to you. But still why don’t you go through this small piece so that you can empathize with what I say?

I am greatly impacted by the Tamil devotional song “Kurai Ondrum Illai” because of the powerful message it carries. What a courage it requires to face several problems in life and still not yield to the irony of life! Can you imagine the tranquility of a young woman who had lost her husband due to cancer? She had two choices. She opted for a matured one.  Instead of just complaining about the cruelties of life, she opted to thank God for giving her a husband who takes care of her for these many years. She didn’t let her tragedy affect her and that of others. She just went with the flow of life and made it a point to establish a cancer hospital. One tragedy lit the lives of many people; several gained from the goodness of the hospital.

This is an extreme case of not giving up on the goodness of life. The approach of this woman would really be unacceptable by you. But on second thoughts, don’t you think that when hit by a tragedy, you can choose to be the guiding light for others? When anger and anguish are accumulated, won’t this world be full of negativity? Don’t you want to create the chain of kindness and empathy?  My personal experience too has made me to come to this decision. And this has come with the flow of life.

A life of roller-coaster ride, I still have the zest for living. Sometimes, the monotony of life hits me hard, and sometimes I am glad that there is lot of blessings to count on. With time, we are either made to show our anger towards life for all the misfortunes we have faced, or we become kinder and soft with serene outlook. Now tell me. Just because someone has cheated you, will you let their action affect your entire life? You may even have faced some tragedies that cannot be justified; I totally agree your anguish. But still, if you have children, then for making their life a smooth one, wont you control all your hurts? I still remember the story of a young woman who patiently tolerated the beatings of her drunken husband just because the life of her children should not be affected. Though we cannot justify this act of hers, there is some beauty in it. And do you know? With time, the husband realized his mistake and stopped his atrocities.

It may take time to come out of the depression caused due to tragedies. Take your time. But don’t let it spoil your whole life. Maintain a positive mindset.  The very purpose of life is to find meaning in it and not let misfortunes affect us. After all, when we say “Kurai Ondrum Illai” with an open heart, we will accumulate more positivity and shun away darkness. Happy living! Don’t be disheartened by the injustices of the world.

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