Is cooking a burden in this busy world? Do you enjoy cooking?

We all would have had an experience as a youngster when we enter the kitchen and look curiously at the food that our mothers prepare. There would be a sense of awe when we eat something delicious, and in our hearts of hearts we think how it is made. Later, with the passage of time, we learn about the ingredients and relate it with our mothers’ preparations. Now with the advent of YouTube, we get to know various recipes easily. Breaking the preconceived notion that cooking is the undisputed right of women, men are also showing their capability. But the question is: Do you really enjoy cooking? Or is it a burden in this busy world?

Cooking and the busy world

Most of us would have gone through that moment when we ask ourselves, “What to cook for today?” We would also think, of all the same Sambhar only is coming to the mind. The daily busy schedule would also make us get food from outside. But still, in a corner of heart we would feel that we should definitely try some interesting dish in the weekend. While some working women may consider cooking as a responsibility that should not be given up, it should be noted that cooking is a thing of joy when done with great enthusiasm and dedication. Taking the ingredients, arranging them for the recipe of the day, thinking about the right proportion, etc. would give a sense of satisfaction. But again, when the sense of monotony creeps, what would you do?

Tips to enjoy cooking

  • Remember that cooking is a valuable responsibility wherein you are satisfying the hunger of your near and dear ones
  • When done with passion, cooking can be a great learning experience
  • Instead of just considering cooking as a daily routine, consider it as an experience wherein you gain satisfaction
  • Prepare a schedule for the week and don’t repeat the recipe of Monday on Friday. There should be separate recipes for each day of the week. Plan your work, and work your plan.
  • Watch different recipes in your free time. If you are not sure about preparing a particular recipe, set aside the trial work for weekends. Prepare only what you can do and what you are best at in the weekdays. In this way, you won’t dislike cooking.

Take-home message

Who said cooking is boring? It’s our busy schedule and our tired mindset that will make us think so. Develop a positive approach towards cooking, and eventually you will start loving it. Then instead of saying with a complaining expression that “well, I am cooking daily; what to do, it is my responsibility”, you will start saying, “ Yes I love cooking. Good food is appreciated profusely by others”. Don’t let the monotony of daily life affect your cooking schedule. Happy cooking!

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