Footboard travelling-an overlooked yet not a trivial concern

For all those who are ardent movie lovers, the song “Valai osai”  of the 1980s Kamal starrer “Satya” wherein the charismatic actor travels in the footboard elegantly will definitely stay etched in their hearts even now. But that is fantasy. The surprising thing is that travelling in footboard is something that can even be fatal but is often overlooked by people. Governments will be strict with this issue for some time, bus conductors may also show that they are responsible in alerting the “heroes”, but still this menace continues.

Again, when we look at this from a detailed angle, those who travel in footboard may argue that the buses are not coming in time, they have to go their schools/colleges soon, there can be lot of buses introduced, etc. And some may even not have an answer. But the mantra prevention is better than cure applies to every situation. It’s mostly students who engage in this act. If they have to go to school/college soon, they can start early. From the government’s side, they can introduce several buses and devise strategies accordingly for the convenience of the masses.

Public transport should also be for the convenience of the masses, just like private transport including bikes and cars. The respective government should ensure that all are safe while journeying, and efforts should be taken accordingly. And concerning those who are travelling by footboard, remember that your life is precious and showing your heroism is not appreciated here. The very sight of passengers boarding the bus after a long chase sends chills to empathetic passengers. Some passengers may even take effort to advice such “heroes” but in vain. Considering that life is precious and footboard traveling can even be fatal, the “hero” school and college students can avoid doing it. And the respective authorities instead of being harsh with the footboard travellers can advice them in an empathetic manner.

Take-home message

As school/college students, conscious efforts should be made to travel to school/college. The very sight of these footboard travelers getting down from the bus at every stop for others to leave doesn’t go well. If we continue to debate about the loopholes in the society, the government, the individual citizen, there will be lot cropping up. But given the seriousness of the situation and remembering that life is at stake, my dear friends..please don’t resort to footboard travelling.

Is  it really a brave thing to travel in footboard? Cant this bravery be shown in school/college sports?

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