A great support system in life: Mother’s love

Life is a beautiful gift from God to us We need support in every step of life. Support is a great motivator. Whether it is in a 2-year old baby who tries to stand up and gains pleasure from it or a 8-year old youngster who struggles with their homework, or a 18-year old teen who wide-eyed looks at the world from a fresh perspective, or a 40-year old who after being tired with life wants to hug someone for comfort or weep loudly, we all look up to one person. And here the role of mother is irreplaceable. We needn’t think about where to get support when she is around us. We needn’t walk in the dark with confusion when she guides us.

Tell your mother she is tired, but she is never worried. She effortlessly carries her work with grace. Ask her to relax for some time. Still she keeps on doing some work. Tell her that she has wrinkles in her face, she just ignores it. Growing old youthfully is her norm. And she is the perfect role model for today’s youngsters.

It is indeed a blessing to have your mother at your side, supporting you throughout your life. For the infant, she is the first and inspiring teacher. And even for the 45-year middle aged person, she is the person of support. Even when you turn 75, you think about your mother with great affection. That’s how powerful is the role of a mother. She gives hope in this sometimes harsh world that you can come out in flying colors in the survival of the fittest. When the world  may be against you, your mother will be there to support you, and that support makes you feel in cloud nine. That’s because she knows you inside out.

Can we pay back for all the good that she has done to us? Why not? We can strive to return her love by loving her the way she does; pure unconditional love. She never generally asks us to buy anything for us; if she does, let us do it with whole-heartedly. To my dear mother and to all the  loving mothers in the world, I sincerely expresses my Mother’s Day wishes to you all. And to all those fathers who take the role of mother and have that motherly grace in them, I thank you all for understanding the power of a mother.


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  1. Priya

    Very true. Most of the time a mother’s sacrifice goes unnoticed. We take her for granted. There are no words to express what my mother has endured for our family’s sake. A lifetime is not enough to repay the love she gave me. Happy mother’s day to all the mother’s out there.

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