Should we adopt “Do-It-Yourself” or seek professional help/maid service?

In this busy world, we tend to get exhausted by our daily activities. Now that offices have reopened, while some may travel by cars or two wheelers, some may utilize public transport. Some may even travel for long hours in vehicles (any mode of transport) for long hours. Finally, it can be said that there is stress involved. When we think that we can rest in weekends, there is pile of work waiting for us. At this point of time, the question that arises in most of our minds is: Should we embrace “Do-It-Yourself” for activities including cleaning the washrooms, mopping the floor, cleaning the air-conditioners, fixing computer repair, etc. or should we seek professional help/maid service?

You know your house well

First things first. There is always a sentiment attached to your house, and you want to clean things with great diligence. Will a maid know your house so well that she does everything by reading your mind’s voice? Or should you stand at the back of her and give her instructions for each and everything? Again, it is always better to give the maid clear-cut instructions and ensure that she cleans the house as expected. Getting such maids is really a blessing. After all, your time is precious to you. Besides if you feel that you cannot do lot of work in the weekend, you can get the help done from your maid or professional service by paying them a reasonable cost. The key is in seeing to it that the house is finally clean as you expected.

Most of the decisions we make in life come with a cost

Delving further, we need money for everything. We may even think twice in getting professional/maid help because we would want to perform the cleaning work by ourselves. There are many people who do most of the household works by themselves and don’t depend on professional help/maids. Seeking professional help/maid service always has the risk of making us depend on them for each and every thing.  Hence, for example, we can clean the AC by ourselves sometimes. We can wash our bikes/cars frequently, and when it is the time for service we can proceed with it. In this way i.e. when we do things at the right time and in the right way there wouldn’t be much problem.

Don’t be disheartened if you can’t clean your house regularly

There are people who are better at cleaning their house regularly. But don’t be discouraged when you can’t do with the same enthusiasm. If you want to mop the floor, ensure that you get it done at least three days a week. If you have a maid for doing that, make sure that she doesn’t miss to obey your instructions. Major renovations like painting, air-conditioner gas filling for 3 months, vehicles service for 3 months can be done through seeking professional service.

Take-home message

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your satisfaction that your house is clean and you are maintaining your assets properly. Whether it is doing it by yourself or seeking professional help/maid service, just do the thing that is best for you, that falls under you budget, and that doesn’t take lot of your time. If seeking the help of professional help/maid service is worth it at certain instances, just go for it…

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