When you know yourself well but still don’t accept…

You strive to know yourself well. You engage in meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques to get accustomed with your true nature. You want to do big things in life and even take efforts to prove that nothing is impossible in life. Your self-love is such that you sometimes even confidently affirm that you haven’t done any mistake when someone finds fault in you. You have lived with your image for several years and with the passage of time desire to know more and more about you. Your interest towards getting deep into your nature never cease.

All’s good. But one fine day someone criticizes you for a valid point wherein you are at the receiving end. You tend to get angry with them. You defend yourself, and it results in friction between the other person and you. The main concern for you now is that the other person had criticized you.

Why this conflict? You know yourself well, you are your best friend, and even try your best to learn from your mistakes. But why is it that when someone criticizes you when you are really at fault, you get upset? As much as you try to know yourself well, why is that mindset of not embracing the above-mentioned scenario and thus causing a friction?

Know yourself and spread the illumination wherever you are. 


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