Single and happy

I accept my relationship status. I am single. This status hasn’t made me feel depressed in any way. I don’t have the privilege of being a mother. But I am not disappointed by it.  At the end of the day, what it counts is how I see myself and how far I am confident. I* don’t let the scars of my past ruin the beautiful world that I have built now.

Yes, there was a stigma regarding people being single until few years ago, but now things have changed. People have started perceiving being single as a satisfying status. It is not mandatory that the real meaning of life is found only when we marry, procreate, and then live happily hereafter; that journey is quite a roller-coaster ride, all the same people get used to the routine with their tenacity. I indeed salute them…

The beauty of married life

I am not sure if I would have carried off a mother’s role with efficiency because I know my flaws. But again, it all zeroes down to the very truth that a woman changes with time and handles everything gracefully. A 22-year old woman may not even know how to cook when she gets married. But that’s the faith she has in the beauty of marriage and her partner. She slowly starts cooking well and gains the appreciation of her in-laws. It’s the support system that makes life more meaningful.

How I enjoy being single

Being single is beautiful in its own way. It makes me strong and to concentrate on my professional life more. It makes me fulfil my duties towards my near and dear ones with focused dedication.

Having been single for quite some time, I have started to contemplate more on the depth of life. I am slowly enjoying my own worth and started seeing the child in me. Yes, there is no partner to wipe my tears (that any young woman badly wishes!) when I feel really upset, but I have the gift of self-consoling and true wel-wishers. When I myself can rise as phoenix from the ashes when things turn bad and when a good support system is there to make me wholesome, why I should worry?  I have come to a point where I realize that my single life is fulfilling just like a romantic relationship. And I am happy that this doesn’t come with a cost; I should thank all those who have made me a self-reliant person.

I am happy in my own space, and I find it extremely normal to remain single. Whatever works for a person is what counts at the end of the day. Happiness can be found in different ways, and there is more to explore in life. I like my relationship status.

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  1. Aswathi

    Being content and happy is all that matters

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