Are you self-motivated in the workplace?

Honest, accountable, diligent and organized, teamwork skills, attention to detail,…you might think why these references are here. It’s not without a reason. These all are all personality traits that are expected in a resume. And one more trait that is missed here and the topic of interest here is nothing but “self-motivated”.  Have you noticed that in the employers’ list of expectations? Do you possess that? Is self-motivation an exaggerated trait that employers expect in candidates?

A self-motivated employee seldom needs motivational talks; employees who have an appreciable level of self-motivation don’t need to be encouraged every time when they show slow progress. But not all people are the same. Motivational talks help certain employees with low morale. We have seen such talks in movies wherein the leader gives a lengthy encouraging talk to the members with the latter looking at him with a serene smile. Are these a cliché when it comes to workplace? At work, you may sometimes feel anxious, unmotivated and very much need an inspiring talk. Such talks can help you come out of the complexity of self-doubt and look at the brighter side. They can boost the morale of the employees and if done correctly they can deliver the positive message in the right sense.

If you are low in confidence and feel that you are lagging behind in work, it can be helpful if you have a motivational manager/colleague.  Yes, able and willing to work without being told what to do, including how to handle the pressure/stress is a golden trait that should be possessed by employees, but in this context motivational talks’ importance can also get the due place it deserves at the needed time.


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  1. Giridharan

    Happy to see the writer talk about being self-motivated

  2. Giridharan

    Very good writing which answers questions I have in mind

  3. Hema

    A good article on the importance of motivation. Self motivated employees become future leaders.

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