A note to myself before my birthday

Dear Lalitha,

Yet another year in my life.  It’s time to celebrate myself. Its time to trigger the child in me who just can’t wait for the special day to come. So here I am wishing myself three days before my birthday.

It’s time to revisit the path I have travelled and appreciate what I have done for the betterment of myself. It’s time to congratulate myself for overcoming all the hurdles of my life with “never-give-up” spirit.  A life that is uplifted from self-pity to self-confidence, gloom to liveliness, is what that adds meaning. While I had the gift of tears till few years ago, I am happy that it has transformed well in the healing process; I have the gift of motivating myself with utmost self-care.

And here is a request to myself..be strong and keep moving in the journey of life. Be yourself and love the way you are. Let me be the same jubilant self and remain giving unconditional love to everyone. The more I give the more I become happy.

My life indeed is a roller-coaster ride and that contributed to a great story. I just cannot afford to give up my lovely smile that I always cherish. I love the child in me who believes in the goodness of life. I am not sure what is in store for me this year but I pray  and endeavour to do my best. I thank all those who stood up by me during the tough days and also moulded me into what I am today.

I don’t want to hold grudges because that will not fulfil my life’s purpose in any way. I thank even those who rejected me because they have helped me realise the strong woman within me and also know the true meaning of letting go. I will live life as it comes in my way, celebrating it with my family and dear friends and relatives. I echo my father’s philosophy that self-realisation is the first step towards enlightenment.

I am proud of the will power that has made me rise as phoenix from the ashes every time I fall down. Being a person who celebrates myself everyday (for I cannot just tolerate the idea of breaking down) one can imagine the joy I get when I celebrate myself on my birthday. I celebrate the unique me who has travelled life with great enthusiasm in spite of all the difficulties. Thank you my dear me..you are unique.

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  1. Aswathi

    You are truly special , so celebrate the beautiful you each day. Have an awesome day. You deserve the best of everything Lallu 😍

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