What is more important in life?

21-year old Tara had written a beautiful story. As enthusiastic she was, she was certain that everyone would love her story. After all, we all want to be appreciated for our good work. Tara immediately approached her granny and happily told, “Granny! I want this story to be published somewhere. Can you help me?” Granny also helped Tara by sending that story to a reputed magazine. Tara and granny waited for days together for reply from the magazine but no luck. Tara was visibly upset.

Tara asked her granny, “What granny! I wrote a beautiful story, but it has not been accepted. I feel very sad”. Granny was quite for a while, and then replied, “ Tara! It’s okay, you keep writing.” Tara became upset and asked, “How come granny! We sent the story to the magazine but no reply. We even shared it in our friends group in WhatsApp but only  few people replied. Then for what purpose am I writing for? Shouldn’t I be given the due credit?”


Granny looked thoughtfully at Tara. She then calmly told Tara,” My dear girl! While you have done your best in writing the story, the result is not in your hands.  People may or may not reply to your work but that shouldn’t disappoint you. There may be several reasons for not replying to your work. It may be that your proficiency is accepted by them. Or it may be simply that they are busy. Remember the results are not in your hands, but the efforts definitely are. You can’t control the results. So why be pre-occupied with something that you cannot control? As a seasoned writer, I could  relate with you and tell you that you did your part and put in your best efforts. It doesn’t matter when you will receive the recognition for your result but you will definitely receive it one fine day because your work is good and you have not given up. So stop worrying about results and keep doing your best. You will soon realize that if you do the work for the work’s sake getting the recognition also will not affect you.


Worrying about results is normal. But it shouldn’t stress us so much that it hinders our next course of action in case the result does not end up on our favor. Keep doing your best”.


Appreciation is something that boosts the morale of a person. Accepted. It makes the person achieve more. Accepted. But in this present world, where everyone  is aware of their strengths and weaknesses completely, the key is doing our best without being overwhelmed on the results. After all, we are doing the job for job’s sake and not necessarily for appreciation. Being appreciated is a bonus and doing the work sincerely is the key.


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