Of pampering children by parents: my empathetic perspective

One of the hot  (yet sensitive) topics nowadays is how pampering by parents serve detrimental to children. I want to analyze this topic as empathetic as I can because the very core of my website is “empathetic wisdom”.

Parents are blamed for pampering their children and giving everything they want. This is due to the pure thought that their children should get everything in life that they never had. But what misses the attention of these parents’ minds is that in later stages their children may suffer if they don’t get what they want. Many people label these children as “spoilt” but I beg to differ here. In this scenario, parents don’t intend to spoil their children and children just accept what their parents do. This is just an irony that happens in life.

Some children tend to get depressed when they don’t get what they want at later stages in life. Their parents have pampered them and given them everything they asked. It’s not wrong to give a smooth life to children and buy the reasonable things that they desire. But parents should make the children reason out whether what they want is actually needed. They should also express their pain points to their children so that the latter is not ignorant. Being as noble as they are, some parents don’t tell out their problems to their children thinking that it will affect them. It’s not their mistake. It is just that they are too good to a fault.

It’s high time that parents stop feeling guilty that they have “spoilt” their children because history will not be done justice with good people reaping bad results. And children too needn’t blame their parents for buying them everything they want; after all, their parents were generous to a fault. At an adult stage, let them try to reason out their flaws.

எந்த குழந்தையும் நல்ல குழந்தைதான் மண்ணில் பிறக்கையிலே

அவன் நல்லவனாவதும் தீயவனாவதும் அன்னை வளர்கையிலே

Whenever you hear these words, dear parents, don’t panic. You have done your best in molding your children. Just that you had a magnanimous heart and couldn’t bear seeing your child suffering. And now the present generation has learned a lesson or two from this typical parental weakness and are trying to mold their children without “pampering that may lead to problems at later stages in life.” And again, parents have the gut feeling and innate care to mold their children well.  It is also a matter of fate which can be won through wisdom.

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