First Coffee

Oh..what topic I have come up with! Who would deny the pleasure of drinking the first coffee in the morning, that too as soon as one wakes up! The hot (and if it filter coffee, it is a beautiful story) coffee refreshes an individual’s mood, and every sip is enjoyed. Preparing the coffee by oneself is quite different, while being served from another (mothers are great at it) is another thing. And drinking the coffee, sitting relaxed in a chair, is cherished by us more so when cooled in the Dabara. According to me, coffee tastes better without sugar (you have to try it) to believe me!

Can everyone relate with this scenario? Well, if you can’t I can understand. Nowadays, due to health consciousness, people have shifted from drinking coffee to tea or milk or just warm water. As a coffee lover as I am (I like tea too equally). I used to enjoy every sip of my coffee, the first thing after brushing the teeth. Nowadays, being health conscious, I have started drinking warm water the first thing in the morning. Then after some time only I take the coffee. But you know one thing! The taste is still there, and I still enjoy every sip.

On a different note, people take coffee when they have headache. It has the unique power of relaxing the mind during stressful times, but again that is not a medicine! Though there are certain stories of the health factor of coffee, the right amount of coffee can be good for us. That’s what the research too suggests! So dear friends, enjoy your quick sip of coffee in the morning and don’t blame this poor drink for negative health effects. Anything done moderately can be good, and coffee too is no exception! Bye for now! Lets see in a different post!

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