Will AI replace content writing?

Writing brings joy to me, and I am on cloud nine when people read my posts, relate with them, and comment on them. Thinking about different topics, framing them, ensuring that they have a flow – all have their own thought process.  I get time during weekends (sometimes in weekdays too) to write genuine blogs. And my profession too is content writing. But the saddest part is when I hear news about artificial intelligence replacing content writing. But can it replace the depth of it?

I am amused by artificial intelligence and wonder how many benefits it can give. But at the same time I am worried about the hype given to it in replacing creativity of people. For example, there are several artificial intelligence tools that rephrase content and that vouch to generate authentic content. But that does not help in any way in the learning process. I am of the firm belief that AI will never be able to replace my creativity which has its foundation since childhood. My emotional writing and the empathy that I carry with it will never be substituted by AI. And it’s a passion that has driven me to excellence.

People relying on AI for refining and enhancing their writing for professional writing is perfectly fine because good writing is what that counts at the end of the day for organizations. However, even here, it should not interfere with the creative part of the content writers. Creativity is a spark that comes from within, spreads good vibrations, and the result is fulfilling. For example, in personal blog writing, a writer talks about her life’s journeys, the struggles she has undergone, etc. She uses simple words, and one needn’t refer the dictionary for difficult words. There is empathy and emotions speaking here. Writing should be such that people can relate with it.

I still remember the thoughts and love of my friend in my school autograph. We were all so emotional that school days and fun are coming to an end. And when I read the autograph, I was visibly emotional. It may not be good at grammar, or sentence structure, but just genuine words coming straight from the heart, this is a beauty in its own way. This is just an example to show how emotions overtake AI.

Hence, content writers need not be worried whether AI will replace their genuine writing. Writing spontaneously and sincerely and doing with enthusiasm will definitely reap satisfaction. As said earlier, tools like Grammarly can help check for plagiarism and error-free content but it won’t replace the authenticity of pure bliss achieved from creative content writing. If you second me, just comment below..Bye for now.

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