Is crying a sign of weakness?

Oh, when you get emotional do you cry? Or do you control it thinking that it is a sign of weakness? Is it not good to break down when we are faced with problems? After all, it is just a spontaneous flow of our feelings. Yes, generally we find that people who control their emotions and don’t cry are strong people. And when someone cries, we try to stop them. This is mainly because of our concern towards them thinking that they will get overwhelmed.

While I cannot say whether crying is a sign of strength, I can definitely say it is not a sign of weakness. When you are sorrowful, when tears roll down from your eyes, just remember that you have to be comfortable with who you are at the time. Crying may be considered embarrassing in public, but true emotions are what they are; for some, they just flow out.

The key is we have to express our emotions to someone so that we feel better. Or even when you are on the verge of tears, for your wellness sake, ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed as a result of crying. Spontaneous feelings are a true gift to our real selves. They make us for what we are. You are at ease with yourself when you cry, and deciding to cry shows that you are caring for your emotional health. And the relief you feel after crying is needed for your mind and heart.

I have seen people who have carried themselves gracefully and who have hardly cried. I am not in a situation to delve into that deeply. But I can say that they are mentally strong. All said, when you cry, don’t blame yourself for being too sensitive. Remember that this too shall pass, and you will definitely come out of the grief. And for all those who are suffering a silent battle that none knows about, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel if you persevere.


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