How I made my life matter amidst the drive towards achieving

What if I died without leaving a legacy behind? What if I my existence was meaningless? A person driven by purpose and finding meaning in life, a day wherein I didn’t achieve something looked incomplete. Sometimes when I was caught in the daily routine of work, eat, household chores and sleep and repeat, I used to wonder where I am really going. When I heard encouraging words like I am worth-personified and as such I matter, I found it difficult to accept. I felt my life’s purpose is something more than that: to make a mark in this world.

What time taught me

One fine day I decided to dig deep into my passions. Being a content writer, I realized that this is where my heart lies. Hence I worked on improving my skills. When I started doing this, I found that there is no room for complaint. When I tried to analyze my own weaknesses and work on them, I could find myself doing better. It also helped me to count on my blessings at the same time knowing my limits.

Now my perception towards life slowly started changing. I could find that I am improving my skills day by day and that gave great joy. The drive towards achieving didn’t demoralize me because I am doing my best. Perfection cannot be attained overnight; different people have different opinion. Just staying calm and being focused on my goal helped a lot.

I thought from this perspective: Is achieving in life at the expense of my happiness? Should it make me lose my peace of mind? I understand that I should be lenient on myself when it comes to the gap between whom I am and whom I want to be. I have honed my skills and with time they will be complete. There is no need to fret about achievement all the time.

I started looking from the angle of even enjoying those things that don’t seem to be satisfying my quest for purpose. A peaceful walk in the evening enjoying the surroundings and nature would be the best medicine sometimes.

I focused even on doing things that makes me feel good including singing and chatting with friends. I didn’t feel guilty that there is lack of purpose in these things. I just stopped being a hard taskmaster on myself because I know I am doing my best.

I slowly started realizing that being a human being itself is a great thing and a thing to be cherished. There are 24 hours in a day which can be used properly to work on my passions. I will concentrate on doing those things that make me happy (leading to soul satisfaction). After all, life is a serene journey to be experienced to its fullest and not a grueling race. I am not in a battle field where I am filled with anxiety and misery. This life is a wonderful gift that has to be lived to the fullest.

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