The inclination to live a genuine life comes gently with age

The timid 7th standard girl who was afraid to take leaves in school and who wanted to be a topper in everything is “brave” and “tranquil” now.  She is now working in a corporate and doesn’t mind to take leave when she is not well. She understands what is her responsibility and what privileges she has. The thought “I should be a studious person”, I should surpass others” doesn’t bother her anymore. She does her work at the given time efficiently and is having a competition only with herself.

So does the propensity to live a genuine life, a life that is gauged by our own achievements, come with age? The girl of this article who was jittery in her school days may be still jittery, but her approach towards how she handles life has changed. While her jitteriness was a reflection of her naïve fears then, it is a reflection of her interest to lead a fulfilling life. She is still anxious about several things, but that anxiousness doesn’t worry her anymore. Her real nature has not changed, but her positive traits have amplified. Her warm nature has become more empathetic, and she feels her transformation as a much-needed process and not a complete change of her nature.

And when someone asked her whether she has changed in life and has weathered the test of time, she just replied, “ Not really…I just became the better version of myself”.

So the next time you gauge how you have transformed for the better in life, see whether you have become the better version of yourself. It is a gradual process and needn’t be overwhelming. When the process is overwhelming only you need to worry about. Just take every step gently and have competition with only yourself.

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