Body healing by itself during illnesses: Is it all about Mind over Medicine?

What will you do when you fall sick? Will you take tablet immediately or will you wait for the illness to heal by itself? I have seen people not taking tablets for each and every illness. I have listened to thought-provoking sayings that our bodies have the power to heal by themselves. When I look back at my experience with common cold recently, I didn’t worry too much about taking medicines. I just inhaled steam and helped myself with home-made kashayam. The very feeling that I didn’t take too much medicines for common cold made me happy. I took rest when needed and didn’t strain myself with things that are not good for my soul. To an extent, I stopped worrying about things that I cannot control. And this helped me. I gave my body sufficient time to heal by itself. However, certain times I was not able to avoid AC which I know aggravates my cold.

This is just a thoughtful post writing on the possibilities of healing by ourselves. Doctors can give us tablets to alleviate the pain and they can work. But our mindset plays a great role in fighting any ailment. Our body is a wonderful making of God and it can heal by itself for most of the illnesses..Its all about mind over medicine.

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