Managing the stress of uncertainty

We hear news about tragedies every day and become overwhelmed.  There is a fear of uncertainty in our lives. Life is indeed not a bed of roses. With time, we understand the complete depth of this saying. To handle this fear of uncertainty, let’s see some insights:

Reflect on your accomplishments

The present time may be somewhat challenging. At such times, reflect gently on what you have achieved in your life. You may have got a good increment, your son would have won the badminton trophy, you daughter would have got first prize in the singing competition, and so on. God has a unique way of answering our prayers through time. Be thankful that you have got what you need now through your prayers some time back.

Challenge yourself

Life is indeed a roller-coaster ride. When you are facing problems, your mind would be blinded by anxiety, stress, doubt, etc. You won’t have a clear vision of what to do. When life is quite serene, try out things that you thought that you would never do. For example, drawing might be in your interest (though you are not an expert), but at hard times, you will find it difficult to focus on it. A peaceful phase is when you have to try these things. Even new hobbies can be tried during a tranquil time.  When you start doing this, you mind may ask for more of peaceful phases. And while you are monitoring your temperament, you will slowly get attuned to bouncing back to normalcy frequently.

Limit listening to news

We need to know what is happening around us. That’s fine. But being exposed to too much of news and the nitty-gritty of it will only overwhelm us. If you are sick, don’t listen to news. Before going to bed, have positive and peaceful thoughts in your mind.

Live in the present

Well, instead of often having apprehensions of the future, take time to experience the present moment to its fullest. Even if negative thoughts start looming, try to discard them slowly by thinking about past accomplishments as said earlier.


An honest smile that syncs with your present can really do some changes to your life. Practice this smile daily so that when you start thinking about negative things, it will genuinely show up on your face though you may be fighting a battle inside.

Practice self-care

You cannot pour from an empty cup. Being there for everyone when they need you is indeed a noble thing but ensure that you don’t lose sight of your well-being. Do exercises and any relaxation technique (yoga, meditation) that suits you well.


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