Is Artificial Intelligence Surpassing Human Proficiency?

Here’s to the creativity in me. That feeling still lingers in me when I initially started using ChatGPT.  I resorted to my contemplative self and have few realizations which I will share here. I tested ChatGPT with different keywords and found that though it can provide relevant content, there should be more of my intervention. The conversional platform works great with the smart questions that I ask it. If I want to write a blog for my use  or an essay for school with the help of ChatGPT, it can only give a rough outline and I need to enhance it. Lets delve more.

For the uninitiated, ChatGPT is a robot which is a by-product of artificial intelligence. Its full form is Chat Generative Pre-trained transformer. We can converse with this AI-powered software which acts like a human. ChatGPT can answer any difficult question, write essays, give good captions for blogs, develop emails, and even do coding. Maximum language information is given to it so that it can equip itself through training before generating the output. The conversation sounds like human and it can produce original replies to even highly difficult questions.

And I can hear your question here. Is the content produced by ChatGPT really accurate? I suggest that instead of solely relying on its preciseness, it is always better to verify the accuracy of the content with several reliable sources. And only if we know the subject matter very well, we can gauge whether it is really generating accurate results.

What I realized with ChatGPT from my part as a content enthusiast is that it doesn’t understand context as we do. And for that we need to give effectively thought keywords . For example, if I am preparing a PPT for effective marketing strategies, it cannot help me with a good conclusion. My creativity is not affected because I rely on my creativity and curiosity to a great extent. Even if I give specific  details, ChatGPT may apparently succeed in answering  the same but it will not understand context and emotions to my level; even if so it is a result of the intelligent keywords and the well-thought flow of conversation from my side.

Hats off to your creativity, the very success of a true creative person is undoubtedly asking questions. Have you seen students asking lot of questions in school and colleges with great enthusiasm? They have found their way to wisdom by knowing how to frame questions. And even for AI tools like ChatGPT, the more intelligent your question is, the more effective the answer.

Dear friends, don’t panic. ChatGPT will never replace human creativity. It has advanced to such a level that it can even create a well-framed itinerary for your travel. We should cultivate the assessment to choose which use case is beneficial for us and which will make us more dependent on it. And we all realize, too much dependence on any technology is not good. Isn’t it?

Students, just train your mind to think like a genius because you are enlightened by yourself. Creative writer, keep yourself relevant in this evolving world of technology. Work in synergy with technology. Use technology to augment your skills and tap your skills.

ChatGPT may be quick and impressive and may perform such that it can work just like a human being, but the key is not becoming dependent on it. Imagining a scenario wherein a 7th standard student showing an original essay written by him (maybe with some help of AI tools) compared to the essay completely generated by ChatGPT gives a heartening feeling. After all, isn’t the ultimate law of life to enhance our own creativity wherein we find wisdom/enlightenment at the end? And ultimately you will realize that  we have to stop comparing  human and AI intelligence because though they may overlap with each other, they are completely different things. Any insight on this concluding view? You are welcome.

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