The transformation in harmony

Depression is not incurable. The soul-stirring note of a person coming  out of depression. 

Tears welled in my eyes.

I didn’t hide my emotions.

Whenever I heard disturbing things

I just couldn’t remain at peace.


Depression was something new

People couldn’t gauge it right

I was struggling to come out of my despair

And deep down in my heart there was constant pain


Then slowly I gathered the courage

To challenge this condition.

With hope as the only weapon

However weak I was.


When I was good and only good,

Nothing will beat my happiness

I had firm belief in this

And journeyed with determination


I didn’t hate depression but empathized with it

It’s not a hard taskmaster harrowing me with miseries

My gentle heart knew this well and experience the pain

And utterly believed in the goodness of life.


When people empathized with me I didn’t avoid them

I knew their love’s warmth is greater than the depression itself.

I knew depression would not stay long

Because I had lived with my tenacity for years that won over my depression period.


I had undergone the depths of depression

But it didn’t make me a pessimist

Nothing changed my love for life

That is as fresh as dew always


That time when everything seemed to be lost

I dared to open about my depression

The right ones stayed and the others left

Which gave me hope for a better life.


What dawned on me is something significant

And here I am to share with you

I believed in the goodness of life and people

And now progressing in my life with steadiness


Friends, when life can bring you lot of happiness through good people and good spirit

What will it give when you place your trust on Supreme?

Good people and good spirit haven’t swallowed my pride

And so will my trust on the Supreme be.


Have I seen the light at the end of the tunnel after a traumatic phase?

Yes indeed as I have started to celebrate my presence.

I have survived several hurdles and have become wiser

Nothing can dim my light that shines from within.


Life did throw stones at me I agree

But how I emerged out of it is heartening.

Depression didn’t kill me but only healed me

I have let “her” go with peace of mind.

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